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 Chengiz Movie review

 Chengiz has literally made a comeback .... Just think, after the release of 'Spiderman No Way Home' and 'Puspa' it has created a storm all over the country ....  Show Housefull is running everywhere after the show for the second week in a row. Despite high profile movies like 83 being on the way to box office disaster ....  .... how did that movie get clicked?  How did you get into a fight with other movies?  Since Venkatesh is distributing 83 K in this region, not a single hall has given / received 'Chengiz' ....  One or two shows to give .... The movie mafia threatened to take the movie down from the hall in 3 days ....  But that is to say ... If the story is strong, if the movie is good, then no Srikanth-Rajalakshi's father has the power to stop the movie ... Today SVF Cinemas is looking for a 'Chengiz' for their halls  The chain wants to increase the show ... The show is starting in the middle of the week .... When was the last time you saw this scene in Bengali cinema?

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Chengiz  2023 Bengali Full Movie 480p HDRip 350MB Download

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         First of all, what is the name of the producer of the movie?  The producer of the movie is Atanu Roychowdhury, who is no longer just two idle producers ....  No one in the whole of Bengal knows better than him at this moment if he gives comedy or relation in any quantity and when he will give it to a Bengali.  ... middle class Bengali who finds himself in movies .... movie director Abhijit Sen .... who was co-director for a long time with Prince Hirani ....

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        Suppose the biggest plus point of the movie is that this comedy is going on ... this emotional scene is gone .. the joints of this story of our daily family life are so beautifully matched that what can I say .... most of them lose their temper here .... here is the director's foresight.  .. screenwriter Munsiana .... the first 15 minutes of the movie I didn't feel frozen, laughing out loud ... then when the movie took full form then the graph just went up  In fact, in the end, the place of rock climbing has become a bit 'hot blood on the body, I am a fan of Devda'.

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        What more can I say about a legend like Paran Bandyopadhyay in acting?  If the old players of Gananatya and Group Theater from childhood would have come at the right time if they had not come to perform full time movies in 60 years after retirement, they would have snatched a lot of good rice from Tollygunge ....  This character could have done .... Dev played the impossible Machiavelli ... Shakuntala Barua has done very nicely .... Are the youngest characters in the movie Rajatav Dutt, Ki Kanchan Mallick, Ki Bishwanath, Ki Ambareesh - the director has given them so much space  - Their dialogue, their timing ... what can I say ....

       Feelgood song .... Fits the movie ... Although I can't remember any song except the title track out of the hall ....

       There is no flashy action, no NK Salil brand misleading dialogue, no needless tingling of sex, no unreasonable knowledge, no cow in the story.  You have to watch this sweet movie ... a movie that everyone from eight to eighty can enjoy together ..

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       'Chengiz' will be battering the storm till RRR is released .... Come with your family this holiday season and enjoy 'Tonic' at your nearest theater ....

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