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 I met Pathan in an accident on 26 January, it was just a coincidence.  Pathan movie download in Hindi Pathan has been in headlines for a long time, I will not abuse you by discussing the reason for this, anyway I have lost many friends, I am about to lose some.  In one line of Pathan, if I am asked to write a review, I will write - "Ek tha Tiger, lekin ab do ho gaye hai. Both Tigers want to go on leave but there is no one to replace them."

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 This is the review, now let's talk about how is the film?  Pathan is not a separate film, it is the third film in the Tiger series!  This third film after Ek Tha Tiger and Tiger Zinda Hai, in terms of action, both the Tigers are heavy, while watching the film, you get to know about foreign film action and location. 

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 I loved the good location scenes from the film.

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Pathan Full Movie Download Filmy4wap Tamilrockers Mp4moviez 480p, 720p Full HD Direct Link
Pathan Full Movie Download Filmy4wap Tamilrockers Mp4moviez 480p, 720p Full HD Direct Link

 The film 100/% brings to screen the detective novel of Vedprakash Sharma or any such detective novel.  So how did it happen in the movie?  Why did it happen?  Questions like possible or impossible would be called inappropriate.  When the Indian audience can accept KGF, a criminal in front of whom the Prime Minister does not have the status or he enters the Parliament covered in blood with a machine gun and shoots the MP sitting near the Prime Minister with bullets, then they will also accept Pathan.  In that sense, it is also a better film and the audience will also accept it.

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 The film is as much Shahrukh's, as much Salman's, as much Deepika's and Ashutosh's as well and Abraham's life is more than that.  Jaan has done a wonderful job.  Ashutosh Rana is an exceptional artist, fine but what he thought of this film is surprising.  There was no canvas for her to act in the film, however Dimple Kapadia has done a great job, the director has created a whole canvas for her, amazing, full of patriotism….  Deepika has given strong acting, even in one scene she didn't look weak to Shahrukh, it looked a bit obscene at one or two places, be it Pathan or any other film, there should be less nudity in films.

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 The film jumps you out of the seat thrice, one at Shah Rukh's entry, one at Salman's entry and one at the climax.  After Amitabh Bachchan and Rajkumar, I found Shah Rukh and Salman to be the only actors who make the audience whistle.  Once upon a time the beauty of cinema was made from these whistles, time will tell whether it will remain intact.  The film ends but the director has given a new file to Shahrukh.  If Pathan continues, its second part will definitely be made, I write this with guarantee.

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 The biggest thing is that Shahrukh is not a Pathan, a mouthful mother calls him Pathan.  I found only one emotional scene in the film, that Pathan wants to celebrate Eid in that village, wherever it is in the world.  The bad thing about the film is that Tiger's lover is also from the same place as Pathan's.  Although it is not known whether Pathan is in love or not, but the director has maintained an inch gap between their lips.  This gap is especially visible in the film, but it seems difficult for the audience for whom the film is made to understand.

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 This film is a gift for Shahrukh's fans, for everyone else it is not a film.  There is a lot of action in the film, so there is nothing left for the story.  Tiger Agar Hit Hui Thi Pathan is also a hit, this film is for those who like Tiger.  Anyway, now this audience is left in the cinema, the rest have shifted away from Mohmaya se to ott.

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 Chalte Chalte, the hue and cry that was created about the film that saffron bikini, shameless colors etc are all in the film, this proves one thing that the censor board has no objection!!  What about me when the sensor is happy??  Why should I be tensed?  Don't know about the country and the world, don't know about other days, but on January 26 in Sirohi, I could clearly see the audience watching the film by putting an extra chair, I saw it myself.

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 I have specially noticed one thing in the film, Shah Rukh and Salman both want to leave this work, it has been more than 30 years since they used to do this work.  Oho!!  I am talking about RAW Agent, not the film.  But they are not getting any option, both of them do not have faith in that, so they will stay for now.  In the film, both the pen killers are kept together, don't know whether for yourself or for others!!  This scene is difficult for everyone to understand.??

 Got an offer, looking to write a movie review for a company.  If the review of Pathan goes on, I will consider, after all dal roti is needed!  yes or no?

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