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 Actually, I don't even know how to start.  Haven't been online for a long time.  However, on the occasion of the release of sending, I could no longer be offline.  King's comeback after so many years, how can I not watch the movie of the most favorite star in the movie industry world, so I watched the much awaited Pathan movie yesterday on Holprint e. 

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 After watching, I became just th.  Age has not decreased, from where does he get so much energetic feeling even after 57 years of age.  First of all I didn't have much expectation about reading.  But after seeing the trailer of Treasure, gradually the interest increased much more than before.  It seems that the king will back like a king.  That's exactly what happened.  Both positive and negative reviews have come about Pathan, but positive reviews are more noticeable.  Especially the critics and the general audience are all absorbed in the message.

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pathan full movie (1080p, 744p, 480p) Download Leaked By Tamilrockers, Isaimini, Moviesda and Other Torrent Websites
pathan full movie (1080p, 744p, 480p) Download Leaked By Tamilrockers, Isaimini, Moviesda and Other Torrent Websites

 In fact, I found 80 percent of the movie to be positive.  Then there is nothing to say separately.  pathan full movie download filmyzilla In this sad state of Bollywood, such a Pathan release was much needed.  Bollywood, which currently runs deep in this river, will undoubtedly reach its shores again through Pathan.pathan full movie download mp4moviez  One record after another seems to be breaking, it is difficult to know where it actually stops.  

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At present the highest pre-booking record in Bollywood is Pathan's E, R and other records, besides Pathan has brought good collections in every sector.  pathan full movie online download And seeing all this, it seems Shahrukh Khan has kept the promise he made to his fans.  

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The king backed like a king. pathan full movie download pagalworld Special Boycott gangs have something to say about where they are today.  I want to make their cheeks red.  Maybe they see themselves praising Pathan, beating the city, clapping.pathan movie download moviesflix

 That's enough, now let's talk about the positive and negative aspects of acting.

 Positive Aspects:

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 pathan movie download link telegram Actually after watching Pathan I found most of the aspects positive, except for some parts.

 As an action film, the action is good enough though the story is not that strong. pathan movie download hindi hd free Moreover, Siddharth Anand's direction was eye-catching.  Story, script was good enough. pathan full movie download filmyhit Screen play, dialogue delivery, music, BGM, VFX were all of high level.  Especially the entry scene of Shah Rukh Khan is still floating in the eyes, what was it. 

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 Shahrukh's entry in Nizsander Pathan was the best of the best and especially Bhaijaan's cameo was the most interesting moment of the film.  The best cameo in Salman Khan's career was a total goosebump. Even if I write about it all day, I can't get enough of the satisfaction. It was so good to see the two Khans together.

  Negative Aspects:

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 I don't think there is anything negative about Pathan except Shah Rukh and Deepika's chemistry.  Their chemistry was not that good.  Moreover, as an action film, the action was good enough, but if the story was a little stronger, the satisfaction would have been a little better.  Anyway, I'm happy with it.

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  Talking about the acting aspects, everyone's acting was good.  I often want to watch such action films especially Shah Rukh Khan.  But before sending, I remembered one thing, will King Khan be able to show himself in such a way at this age. In fact, he has shown it bravely.  Moreover, John Abraham's villain role was strong enough.  Wasn't as weak as War or Tiger's villains.  Deepika's performance was good.  But except for the chemistry with Shahrukh.

 Since it is a spy universe type movie, there is a chance to go higher in Bollywood.  Maybe Shah Rukh, Salman, Hrithik can be connected together. And what will happen then, the head is spinning.  When the three are together, a distinct goosebump will be created in all movie lovers.

 In fact, after watching the movie online, I felt that my time was not wasted, it was completely enjoyable. Also, I didn't want to watch the comeback after so many years, but one day I will definitely watch it. I am completely satisfied watching Pathan in print only. I can guarantee it.  , you will be in awe of SRK's haters after watching Pathan.

 However, the review was huge.  Sorry for the wrong crew. Although I can't judge Pathan with the rating then I have to give it.

 Personal rating: 9/10

 Happy watching

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