pathonpatham noottandu full movie download tamilrockers.pathonpatham noottandu release date

 pathonpatham noottandu full movie download tamilrockers

 Actore: Siju Wilson,Kayadu Lohar,Renu Sounder,Deepti Sati,Madhuri,Gokulam,Poonam,Varsha,Vishnu,

 Sudev, Mammotty, Anoop And Many More.

 Writer & Director: Vinayan

 Produced by Gokulam Gopalan

 Production Company: Sree Gokulam Movies

 Music: Santhosh

 Cinematographer: Shaji Kumar

 Language: Malayalam

 Release Date: 8 September 2022

 Running Time: 158 Minutes

 IMDB Rating: 7.2/10

 It's Like Just Boom

 It's Movie Gives Me Goosebumps Definitely I am Just Shocked To Watch This Incredible Movie

 Bhaire bhai I can't believe what I saw. It was the best historical action drama in Malayalam cinema till now.

 Malayalam cinema means I am a blind fan of their movie story concept, presentation making. I am willing to eat whatever is given to me by the Malayalam movie industry without watching it. But Pathonpatham Nattandu was the best among the Malayalam movies I have seen. All time best action drama.  This is the first great historical action drama movie I have seen from Malayalam cinema.  I have seen historical action drama movies in Malayalam before but this one is on another level.

pathonpatham noottandu full movie download in hindi

pathonpatham noottandu full movie download tamilrockers
pathonpatham noottandu full movie download tamilrockers

 Brother, I don't know how to write movie reviews well. If I knew how to write, you would have understood how much I like it.  Just say one thing if you understand I like it then here is my selfishness. If you are malayalam movie lover then Pathonpatham Nattandu movie must watch. No problem brother here. And if you haven't seen then bro showing your malayalam movie is useless.  Now understand how much you like.

 I have been studying South Tamil Telugu Malayalam for the past 2 months and also Hindi Bengali movies be it 30-40, but this was the best movie I have seen so far.

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 Those of you who love Malayalam movies know very well what is the story of Malayalam movies. So here it is not the opposite. I got 5 times more than what I expected. I did not expect anything at all from the movie. Because of the update of the movie.  I didn't know before. Then I don't know the hero and heroine. I haven't seen any news about this movie in any group. I just looked at the site and downloaded it. But I didn't think that I would accept this bomb. Brother, it doesn't matter if there is a movie like this. I know.  No, I am saying too much with emotion. But it doesn't matter if I say it. Because whatever I say, it will be less for myself.

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 The hero of the movie is Siju, his look is just lovely

 But the problem is that after seeing this look, I don't like her main look. I don't know why, I'm just matching the look of the movie. The look of the movie and the real look are different.

 If there is no update about the movie, maybe many of you don't know about the movie. So I am requesting you to watch the movie even if you catch it.

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 I watch movies at 10:00 or 11:00 pm. I go to sleep after watching. But I don't understand when the time has passed to watch this movie. When I watch it for 1 hour, my eyes tear up. When it ends, I cry because why did it end?

 If you can sink into the story, brother, time is nothing.

 It's just sad to think that the movie is so good but I already knew about any updates.  No I am looking at someone's post. Totally there was no response.

 I don't understand why such a beautiful movie is like this.

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 Get Hindi Dubbing on MLW.BD. Bhai is a perfect movie for movie lovers.  Cinema ho to ac barna kuch vi nehi.

 The movie has become a disaster at the box office. That is just impossible for me to accept. Such a beautiful movie should be a hit.  But bro, this movie is a real proof that a disaster is not a bad movie. A disaster doesn't make a movie bad. Still, I can guarantee that the audience will be impressed.

 I will not say anything about the story of the movie. You are bound to be impressed when you see extraordinary things in a very ordinary story.

pathonpatham noottandu release date

 Kayadu and Siju acting action will make you watch the movie.Once you start.Kayadu and Sanju fell in love.

 I know that no one will ever read such details. However, my wish is what the heart wants. Written from the satisfaction of the mind.

 The movie of 1 month is not listed yet and I used to watch the movie several times. Why can't the taste of such a movie be satisfied 100 times at once. Still I will watch it.

 Personal rating 10/10

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