Ps-1 Ponniyin Selvan Full Movie (1080p, 744p, 480p) Download Leaked By Tamilrockers, Isaimini, Moviesda and Other Torrent Websites

 Ps-1 Ponniyin Selvan Full Movie (1080p, 744p, 480p) Download Leaked By Tamilrockers, Isaimini, Moviesda and Other Torrent Websites

PS-1 Movie download in Hindi Direction: 1/2 ( Story is perfect and engaging but the narration is flat and dull)

Ps 1 movie download Tamil Screenplay: 1/2 ( Can be crsip and short. feels like a docu drama)

Cinematography:  ( Looks very good. Takes you to the Cholas Dynasty purely)

Stunts & Action: 3/4  ( No action sequences and 0 wow moments)

Songs: 3/4 (placed the songs in right manner without boring)

Ponniyin Selvan 1 Movie Download tamilyogi

Ps-1 Ponniyin Selvan Full Movie (1080p, 744p, 480p) Download Leaked By Tamilrockers, Isaimini, Moviesda and Other Torrent Websites
Ps-1 Ponniyin Selvan Full Movie (1080p, 744p, 480p) Download Leaked By Tamilrockers, Isaimini, Moviesda and Other Torrent Websites

Cast & Crew, Performances:  (performances are top notch. All the lead characters gave their best)

Costumes, Makeup: 3/4 (hard to digest the actors costumes but the actresses looks gorgeous, Very neat Makeup)

Ponniyin Selvan 2022 Movie Download tamilyogi

VFX: 4/5 (Mostly satisfied with the work, but still could be better. best part is not going heavy on VFX) 

Arts, Locations & Sets:  ( can be seen every penny spent on the film by these locations and sets)

Ponniyin selvan movie download movierulz

Rating: 6.5

Review:  On the whole, Film is a big let down. This might rule the tamil nadu but rest of India, Its a strict average film. The dubbing doesnt suit the characters in telugu and the dialogues are not perfectly written. You feels like watching a dubbing movie.  The story is very good but the proceedings takes their time and runs the show very slow. Its test your patience most of the time.

Mani ratnam delivers a dud.

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Can this be compared to bahubali?

Both are different genra and cannot be compared.

Will this movie cross Bahubali in collections?

A big NO!

Can we watch this movie in theatre?

Yeah definitely watch it in theatre and appreciate the efforts made.

will the movie gets breakeven?

 May be in Tamil Nadu, But diificult in other areas.

Review of PS (Ponniyin Selvan)

PS1 Movie download

Well, we can divide the viewers of this movie into 3 types – 1) Those who have read the book and fans of the characters of the novel and waiting for the movie  2) Heard about the book, but not read, watching  the movie  3) Those viewers who are watching for the name ‘Mani Ratnam’

Ponniyin Selvan movie download masstamilan

Does it satisfy all these 3 types of viewers? to a large extent, Yes !

Does it not have flaws ? yes movie has flaws, but not many !!

PS-1 Movie download in Hindi

Where does Mani Ratnam and movie score ?

- He is converted the novel into a visual treat – especially the beginning fight scene & ocean storm scene

- Smart enough to pick up important scene and added his own touch

Ps 1 movie download Tamil

- Not very classical Tamil, not very down to Earth, taken middle path

- Music – ARR scores in couple of songs and Background music

- He has pulled sort of coup – by allotting right characters to most of them (jarring one is – Prabhu)

- Lovely acting of Aishwarya Rai (dangerous beauty) Trisha (powerful beauty), Vikram (mad character so nicely fits him), Karthi (playful but purposeful)

Ponniyin Selvan 2021 movie download kuttymovies

What are the minus points of the movie ?

- MR did not take ‘cinematic liberty’ to convert too many scenes, he sticks to the plot as per the novel – so it makes movie so flat

- There is no ‘goosebumps’ moments, mainly because it is more like it goes full speed most of the time, there is no time to rest

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- Too many characters, readers of the novel busy mentally checking with their memory., those who have not read novel, may get lost little bit

- Brightness of the movie is not enough, Graphics apt, but not outstanding '

Ponniyin Selvan movie online

Do we compare this movie with Bahubali ?

NO !  because PS is based on novel, which in turn based on historical facts.  Bahubali is completely work of fiction. So Rajamouli had too much of liberty to make it colorful/grand and created his own world. Here in PS, MR cant do that!

Should you watch ? 

Yes, you will not get disappointed !  a note to readers of the novel – pl go without any expectation or your own imaginary world and trying to compare with MR visualization !

Ps 1 movie trailer Tamil

Enjoy the Magum Opus of MR with family !!

My rating 3.75 out 5

Review of the film “Ponniyin Selvan: I( PS-1)

Released on: 30-9-2022

Film run time – 167 minutes.

Out at last! Mani Ratnam's own  “Game of Thrones”! 

So, the cat is out of the bag. Years of planning and script-writing of Kalki Krishnamurthy's " Ponniyen Selvan " or, in short ", PS- 1 " hit the silver screens yesterday. 

Released across 7500+ screens Worldwide, I am sure there would not have been more than a handful of people who could have been disappointed with the film. 

There must be at least a crore who has read this 2000-plus page novel by Kalki. So they enjoy a distinct advantage of understanding the movie from the word ‘GO’! But what about people (Like me) who have not read it? 

After watching the film last night, I wish to make it better for people who have not read the book. I wish to introduce the basics of this Magnus-opus so you would enjoy the same advantage as those who have read the book.

How to watch & Enjoy PS-1.

•Get to know the main characters' names and the actors who play them. 

• Get to know the basic story.

Knowing these two would be the best launch - pad when the movie starts.

So, what's the disadvantage of not knowing these two? 

1. You would be trying to identify most of the actors through their brilliant make-up 

2. You would be trying to remember each character's complicated names.

By the time you place all this in your mind, you would have lost 45 minutes of the first half in which the foundation of the story is perfectly laid.  

The Basic story:

• The King of the Choza Dynasty (Sundara Chozhar)  is ailing and has to appoint a successor. He has three children. They are : 

1. Aditha Karikalan (played by Vikram)

2. Arun Mozhi Verman (played by Jayam Ravi).

3. Kundhavi (daughter and played by Trisha). 

•There is a conspiracy hatched by Periya Pazhuvettariyar( played by Sharath Kumar), who is the Minister of finance along with the smaller chieftains, to install a dummy king Maduranthakan ( played by Rahman ) on the throne as he is the bloodline. 

Armed with this knowledge, you can enjoy the film, which kick-starts with Kamal Hassan‘s booming narration.  

Please check photos for Cast.

Bottom line: 

No rating this brilliant film. It's a 167-minute movie, of which 5 minutes boring. Especially Jayaram's part. A must-watch. Only in theatres.

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