Saturday, November 13, 2021

A minor girl student was sexually assaulted by the teacher #justice for pontharani


 A minor girl student was sexually assaulted by the teacher and the other two in the school itself.

School teacher sexually harassed a student studying in class 12th.

 To make the future of their children better, parents do not know how much good work they keep doing for them.


School teacher sexually harassed a student studying in class 12th.
School teacher sexually harassed a student studying in class 12th.

 Parents think that if we give good education to our children, then in future they will be able to live their life very happy and away from sorrow.  If they are given a good education, then in future they will do a job in a good place and will illuminate the name of the parents and at the same time will also take care of the parents, if the parents become old.

 That's why parents get their children admitted in a good school where they get good education and there are also good teachers and teachers who provide them a good education#justiceforpontharani.

 If the teachers will spoil the future of the girl student, then there will be a big stigma on the education system.#justiceforpontharani

 Similar has happened today in Coimbatore where a girl student who was studying in class 12th has been sexually assaulted by a teacher.  The girl student committed suicide after being sexually assaulted, after which her family members have lost faith in the teacher.#justiceforpontharani

 School teacher sexually harassed a student studying in class 12th.#justiceforpontharani

 The 17-year-old deceased, identified as Pon Tharani, was pursuing her studies in class 12.

 Born to Magudeswaran, she was living with her family in Kottamedu, Coimbatore.  It has been told that Pon Chinmaya was studying in 12th standard in Vidyalaya Matriculation Higher Secondary School, where she was sexually assaulted.  Pon Tharani was shifted to another school a few months back, after she brought this to the attention of her parents.#justiceforpontharani

 Know the whole truth about what happened to Pon Tharani that day. #justiceforpontharani

 It is learned from the sources that.  On Thursday, when there was no one in the room, Pon Tharani locked his room and hanged himself from the fan.  The parents of the deceased had lodged a legal complaint with the Ukkad police station.  In the complaint letter, the parents have mentioned that their daughter has left a suicide note in the name of a school teacher and two others who sexually assaulted her.  After this incident, Pon Tharani ended his life because of these lust-hungry wolves.  If it is the teacher who will do such a heinous act, then we will believe it.  We send our children to school to take good education and if such a heinous incident happens to our children there then who would like to give good education to their children and who would want to admit their children to school.#justiceforpontharani

 The accused teacher has been taken into custody.#justiceforpontharani

 A teacher named Mithun Chakraborty has been taken into custody after the victim's parents protested.  He was booked under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act and Section 306 (abetment to suicide) of the Indian Penal Code.  A letter is doing the rounds on social media platforms, which claims that it was written by the victim before taking her own life #justiceforpontharani.

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