Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Rape of a minor inside a temple in Puri।

 The priest was accused of sexually harassing a minor inside the temple.

 The incidents of rape in the country have not stopped in Mumbai.

 This time the place of rape is the famous Jagannath temple in Puri

A minor was accused of sexually harassing a priest inside a temple in Puri
A minor was accused of sexually harassing a priest inside a temple in Puri

 The victim of the lust of the priest is a minor, the rape inside the temple of Puri is a minor.

 The soil of the Puri temple has become so polluted today that people from far and wide are flocking to the temple for God's grace. The whole country is shaken by the incident of rape of a minor inside the Puri temple.  Police have arrested a suitable priest after the incident of rape inside the Puri temple came to light

 Police have arrested the accused


 The victim is a resident of Hyderabad.  He went to the temple with his family members to worship.  But he did not know that he would be treated like an animal when he went to worship.

 It is alleged that in the evening, Puri was praying alone in the Bamman temple of Jagannath temple.

 At that time the priest was accused of doing this heinous act by getting the girl alone.

 There are a total of 136 temples inside and outside the Jagannath temple, so one is a dwarf temple.

 After the incident, the minor came out of the temple crying and saw her family members telling all the incidents to her mother.

 A complaint was lodged against the accused at Singhadar police station.  The victim then gave the details of the harassment to the magistrate himself.  Police arrested the priest in the wake of the incident.

 The victim's statement has been recorded. He has been sent to the hospital for medical examination.  The whole country has become a camp in the whole incident.  Family members are demanding the execution, and many say the Puri temple has been tarnished.  Police are interrogating the accused.  According to hospital sources, the girl's condition is critical.

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