Sabiya was gang-raped, 4-4 people gang-raped her, about 50 places were stabbed, breasts were cut,

 Sabiya was gang-raped.  4 people gang raped her#justiceforsabiya

Sabiya was gang-raped, 4-4 people gang-raped her, about 50 places were stabbed, breasts were cut,

 This 21-year-old Sabia, it had been only 4 months while doing the job of Delhi Police Defense.  On the evening of August 27, when Sabia did not return to her house in Sangam Vihar, Delhi, her family members searched everywhere.  Went to the police station, went to the collector's place but got no help from anywhere.  Then it came to know that Sabiya has been murdered, that too with a lot of barbarism.  Sabiya was gang-raped, 4-4 people gang-raped her, about 50 places were stabbed, breasts were cut, all limits of savagery were crossed, I am ashamed to write and in this cruelty with her  A working girl was also involved.#justiceforsabiya

 Knifes were stabbed in about 50 places, breasts were cut, all limits of cruelty were crossed|#justiceforsabiya

 Sabiya was gang-raped, 4-4 people gang-raped her#justiceforsabiya

 This is Sabiya, not Damini, for which the whole country should come on the streets, raise your voice for Sabiya, you will also have a sister and daughter in the house, if you remain silent for Sabiya today, don't be the master of tomorrow, it is the turn of any of you.  ...#justiceforsabiya

 Governments will remain silent whether it is the center or the state, damn the government in which even sisters and daughters are not safe.


 Rape has happened.  The way his body was scavenged by the crooks killed is not the work of any one.  I would request that a CBI inquiry be conducted.

 Knife was killed in more than twenty places.  The body was pulled like a vulture.

 Sabiya (RAVIYA) posted in Delhi Defense Police was brutally murdered on 27/08/2021 night.  

The body was barred from place to place with a knife.  Baal did all this with him and this is the incident of Surajkund police station.  You are most requested that I need your cooperation.  Share as much as possible.  And my sister needs justice.  #justiceforsabiya

 He was brutally killed.  Arvind Kejriwal ji is a request to you.  Narendra Modi aapse gujarish hai Women working in Delhi Defense are not themselves safe.  University of Delhi Aaj Tak Anjana Om Kashyap Ravish Kumar Rajiv Nayan Bahuguna Fox News Sonu Sood Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Mahila Morcha BJP All India Mahila Congress Mahilamorcha Chilkanagar



 delhi mei betiya safe nahi .

 Delhi Police BJP Delhi Manish Sisodia Salman Khan YAN News BJP Uttar Pradesh UP Police CMO Haryana Rajnath Singh Cristiano Ronaldo Priyanshu Hockey Shadan Iqbal Saleem Ansari Nadeem Pasa Mœ Aman Ansari Mayank Chaudhary Mohammad Shahrukh Salam Muslim BJP Mahila Morcha WB Shilpa Yadav Akhilesh Yadav Rahul Gandhi Jonita Gandhi  Manoj Tiwary Aimim- All India Majlis-E-Ittehadul Muslimeen Indian National Congress NTD India ARY News News24 Todd Starnes

 NDTV India Darshan Rawal Sheeba Khan

 News24 ABP News Zee News BBC News NDTV  ARY News

 Every part of the body was cut off.  Shame Delhi hair Shame India hair.  What happened to my baby girl may not happen to you tomorrow.  I want justice

 The bloodthirsty ate the body by tearing it

 Naam Sabia started living in Delhi Sangam Vihar from up bankabala Thakurdwara.  Bahi started working in Delhi Defense.  Four boys working together in Delhi Defense and one girl together carried out the incident.

 Now I request you to give justice to Sabiya.

 Knife stabbed in the mouth Similarly knife has been stabbed in every part of the body.

 The whole body was brutally cut.

 🙏🙏🙏🙏 Please share please.

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  1. I'm so sorry little girl I can't immagen the pain.... is the country they are all crazy......
    Waheguru jiiiii.........
    Seve the soul of this little girl.........

  2. Plz I request to our government plz change ur rules and hanged the criminals or justice for sabiya plz plz 🥺 do something

  3. It's national shame utter disappointment,,, no one can do better,. Rest In peace for ever hereafter your innocent martyr,. Rab shall give you the justice, In Shaa Allah...😭

  4. i am not indian but i fell her i am also girl justice for sabiya allahuma na shayna ya raabi

  5. Allahu yarhamuha. Hang the criminals. Raid all the crime zones, let the police surveillance be strict to raid all the locations thru out india where such goons and gundas are hiding themselves.

  6. If we failed to do the Justice then Allah will do it for Sure.

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