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milkha singh died from Corona ।milkha Singh lattest news today

 Milkha Singh  who was called the Flying Sikh, passed away.

 The biggest sad news is Milkha Singh, who was called the Flying Sikh for India, passed away last night.  At the time of Mika Singh's death, he was 91 years old. Milkha Singh's health was very bad, he was admitted to the hospital, he also felt like konasana, that is why his oxygen level was decreasing day by day, due to which yesterday  Milkha Singh passed away in the night.

Milkha Singh ji, who was called the Flying Sikh, passed away.milkha singh died from Corona lattest news
Milkha Singh ji, who was called the Flying Sikh, passed away.

 Milkha Singh died from Corona

 A week ago, he had to lose his wife also due to this epidemic. It seemed to them that Milkha Singh would come home safely after winning this corona. However, Milkha Singh recovered twice and returned home from the hospital.  But on Thursday, due to fever and lack of oxygen level, his health started deteriorating and he died late on Thursday.

 Sources have revealed that Milkha Singh's health was deteriorating for a long time, he was admitted to the hospital and Milkha Singh had coron infection, that is why he was having difficulty in breathing and he was having fever, due to this his health was even worse.  It started getting worse and his ability to breathe was also decreasing due to a slight infection, so he died due to low breathing capacity.

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi also expressed grief over the death of Milkha Singh.

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote that we have lost the great player of India Milkha Singh.  Milkha Singh motivated people a lot with his personality and for this reason Milkha Singh had made a good place in the hearts of the people.

 I am deeply saddened by the passing away of Milkha Singh ji.

 Milkha Singh also made a new record

 Milkha Singh, who ran 77 out of 80 out of 80, won.  After winning a race, Milkha Singh also made a new record.  He was also very sad in his heart because of not winning the Olympic medal in his name in 1960.  When he was posted as Sports Director in Punjab, he had told one thing to everyone that I want some Indian who should make his name in Olympics and do Olympic medal in his name and make India proud all over the world.  And the flag of India came proudly hoisted in the Olympics.

 Flying Sikh Milkha Singh is no more

 Flying Sikh Milkha Singh breathed his last at Chandigarh's PGI Hospital after fighting Corona for almost 1 month. Even at the age of 91, Milkha Singh beat all the youth athletics all over the world and gave a new birth to the youth of India.  Tried to show the way, after which many new youths of India came to this athletics and are ready to put their every passion at stake to fulfill their dream.

 The first such athletic of India was Milkha Singh who got India a gold medal in the Commonwealth Games.  India's flag was waved all over the world

 Milkha Singh, who had won gold in the 200 and 400 meters race of the 1958 Asian Games, had also achieved his position at the fourth position in the Rome Olympics in the 1960s.

 The biggest thing about Milkha Singh is that no one could touch his national record for four decades, nor could anyone beat him in athletics.

 Wave of mourning among the fans of Milkha Singh

 Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh condoled the death of Milkha Singh ji.

 Deeply saddened to know about the death of Likha Sir, heart felt saddened, we know that Singh ji's contribution to the country was immense.  Mika Singh ji was the diamond of the sports world. Milkha Singh ji motivated us to move forward, stay with us and never let us feel sad, I thank him for this.  I would pray to the Guru that you continue to bless me from wherever I am.

 When Milkha Singh ji died, people tried to stop their tears but they could not stop.

 Because together Singh ji has given such respect to India in athletics which is not for everyone.  Milkha Singh ji proved the whole world by winning athletics in empty stomach and bare feet that if we have such a comfortable navel then we can make our name all over the world and make our country famous all over the world and all over the world.  We can tell the world that our India is no less than anyone.

 In 1960, Generalif Khan gave the title of Flying Sikh to Milkha Singh.

 You will be very surprised to know that Milkha Singh was a refugee from Pakistan first, after that when he stepped into India.  Then he devoted himself to athletics to make India famous all over the world.

 Later, Pakistan made Milkha Singh ji sit on his head and after that in 1960, General Ayub Khan gave the title of Flying Sikh to Milkha Singh ji.

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