Famous Bollywood actress and serial heroine caught in sex racket.

 Famous Bollywood actress and serial heroine caught in sex racket.

 Ever since this corona epidemic has come, how many people have lost their jobs and how many people are unemployed.  It was not as scary as the infection was, it was worse than that to say that there is a second wave, that's why so many people have lost their jobs and those who were left in the corner have lost their jobs too.  They are in their house and the curse of food and drink has come in their house.

 Not knowing how many shops were closed during Corona time and cinema halls remained closed, neither any film was shot nor we got to see any film in the cinema hall.

 During this, another incident that shames the world has come to the fore.

 A well-known Bollywood personality was found to be associated with a sex racket.

 Where sources have come to know that some famous Bollywood celebrities have been caught during the sex rocket.  We have some Bollywood heroines and some are heroines working in lead roles in serials.

 Mumbai Police has busted a sex racket, in this sex racket some well-known Bollywood heroines and along with them the heroine who played the serial Mary has also been caught.

 This was done in the police station area where some famous actresses and serial actors have been caught.

 Ever since this news has been received by the people, the goggles of serial watchers and Bollywood film watchers have stood up.

 People are saying that those whom we have come to see in TV, publicly doing this raw performance and playing a good character, he will ever do such abominable work, we did not know that we did not even think.

 According to media reports, on Wednesday evening, a sex racket was going on in a house in Thane area by the Police Crime Branch, in the meantime, police raided and during the same time two Bollywood heroines were arrested and a case has been filed against them.  And two female agents and a male broker have been arrested on the spot.

 Sex racket exposed in Thane.

 It has been learned from the sources that the police station used to live in a society in Panchdhari area.

 It is also learned that both these actresses were associated with a big sex racket in Mumbai.  And he found this Thane very safe, he did not have any kind of trouble with the police here, that's why he chose Thane. He thought that the police would not raid here and he would be able to run his sex racket safely but it turned out to be the opposite.  Police Station Crime Branch raided here on Wednesday evening and during the raid, two actresses and two women and a male pimp along with them were arrested on the spot.

 ₹ 200000 was being given to the actress for one night

 It has also been learned from the sources that for one night the brokers had made a bid of ₹ 200000 in which the bid of 180000 was fixed.  And there were also very big men in the bidding whom the police have been looking for for a long time.

 It has been learned from the police sources that both the Ren who have been caught, both played lead roles in Tamil films and have also worked in Bollywood and have also played lead roles in serials as well.

 Started prostitution work after not getting work in lockdown.

 It is learned from the caught actress that she has said that she was not getting work during the lockdown and she was facing financial crunch, so she caught this work of prostitution, after which some food detectives told Thane Crime Branch the address  After which the police station crime branch raided on the spot, during which both these actresses and three criminals were also caught along with them.

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