On not applying Maks, the Bareilly police hit a nail in the hands and feet of the young man.

 On not applying Maks, the Bareilly police hit a nail in the hands and feet of the young man.

 There has been such an incident in the lockdown that if you read the incident, you will also be scared.

On not applying Maks, the Bareilly police hit a nail in the hands and feet of the young man.

 On not applying Maks, the Bareilly police hit a nail in the hands and feet of the young man.

 You must have seen that if we go out without maks for necessary work, then the police alert us and scold us.

 It is said that do not go outside without maks because you may be harmed and by speaking in this way, the police alert us and tell you to be careful.

 And at the most if you roam outside without applying maks, then the police deducts the challan from you.

 But the incident that has happened today will scare you for a moment because this incident is so terrible that you cannot think that the police can do such a thing if they do not install maks.

 This news is from Bareilly where a person came out for the necessary work without wearing a mask. So the police took him into custody but what happened after that will really scare you.  The police put him in a lockup under the disaster law.  Then the next day, when he is taken out, the nails are found in his hands and feet.

 Fear not, you too, if we go out at the time of need without maks, then the police will hit the fort in our hands and feet, what happened?

 The family claimed that the nail on its hands and feet has been hit by two soldiers when caught without maks.

 SSP of police station investigated this incident

 But SSP while investigating, said that this person was trying to escape, while 2 soldiers were stopping in the meantime, then he started killing two soldiers and tried to run away.

 The incident took place on May 24, that of Ranjit, living in Jogi Nawada in Baradari.  The family members of Sangeet said that they had come out of the house at a time of need without any mass, so the police took it to the police station to wear it without maks. And the next day at 10:00, we got the news that we had a field in our locality.  In Ranjit is lying unconscious, so when we went away and went to the ground, we also went to the square after seeing what we saw there.

 Ranjit's family accused two soldiers of hitting the nail

 Family members said when we saw Ranjit, Ranjit's nails were nailed in both hands and both feet one by one.  So the family members said that when it came out without maks, the two soldiers grabbed them and took them to the police station and there they were beaten by two soldiers and hit the nail on their hands and feet.

 The family took out one nail each with one hand and one leg and on the same condition, Ranjit was taken to the police station on Wednesday and reached SSP Rajwada and as soon as the SSC saw this they sent him to the hospital and after investigation it was found out.

 On May 24, Police Hariom of Cheetah Mobile Police Station was patrolling the navada there and as he was wandering around unnecessarily without seeing Ranjit, he tried to apprehend Ranjit but Ranjit tried to kill 2 soldiers and there  Escaped from

 Ranjit tried to get soldiers killed

 SSP Sagwara said that Ranjit escaped by checking to escape the police and accuse these two soldiers and advised his friends to nail him in his own hands and feet, after which friends put him on his hands and feet  Nail would spit and he tried to run over the police.

 Accused caught

 After this Ranjit and his friend were arrested and taken to the police station.

 What was the need to do such crazy action to escape from the police.  No one comes to nail his hands and feet to escape from the police.

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 How did you feel about reading this incident, tell it in the comment box.

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