In Haryana, a boy was beaten to death by an rss worker. #justiceForAsif

In Haryana, a boy was beaten to death by an rss worker.#justiceForAsif

 In today's time, if you see people are killing with this Karona infection.  You can see in the newspapers and TV how people are dying heartily at the door of the hospital when they do not get oxygen at the right time and lack of oxygen.  But even in this terrible situation, an incident has occurred that is embarrassing the entire human race.

In Haryana, a boy was beaten to death by an rss worker.  #justiceForAsif
In Haryana, a boy was beaten to death by an rss worker.  #justiceForAsif

 In Haryana, a boy was killed by RSS #justiceForAsif

 Incidents of mob lynching have come to the shame of the world.  Such news is being heard and seen in the coming days.

 Today again a mother's old age sticks were broken, that is, a mother's lap was heard.

 Today such a sad incident has happened which is embarrassing the whole society.

 #justiceForAsif People demanding justice for asif

 Two brothers living in Mewat, Haryana, whose name is being described as Asif #justiceForAsif and Rashid.

 Both these brothers went to bring medicine from their car when both these brothers were coming back to their house with medicines.

 So in the meantime, three trains came on the way and these 3 trains hit the two brothers' car in a strong way.

 And the carriage of these two brothers fell into a pit after which the blasphemous and tragic incident that happened is worth making a small place in your heart for Asif's justice

 #justiceForAsif mob lynching case in Haryana with Asif

 When we talked to Asif's brother Rashid, he said that he had gone out to take medicine because of his corona positive.

 What happened with Asif and Rashid, knowing the whole truth

 When my brother and I were coming back home with medicine, in the meantime, a car came from the front and stopped in front of our car and did not let us go further.  And then came another car that was parked on the side of our car.

 And shortly thereafter, another vehicle hit our car from behind and dropped us in the pit.  After which we got out of the pit like we did.

 In the meantime, 20 to 25 some RSS workers of BJP hit me a lot.

 Some people beat Asif to death #justiceForAsif

 So much that my body started bleeding, and when they saw that my condition had deteriorated, they left me and beat my brother Asif so brutally.

 That my brother died on the spot right there. As soon as the mind came to know that my brother died on the spot, he threw my brother's body in a farmhouse.

 I managed to escape myself like I had escaped and escaped and came home.  After that I told this to my villagers, then they asked me to register an FIR and I got the fir registered.  The Haryana Police told me that we will investigate this.

 Rashid know the name and address of the slayer

 When we asked the receipt that you recognize those who killed you and your brother, the receipt said, "Yes, I recognize them."

 Some of those who follow my brother are from my village and some were called from outside.

 Among them, the Rashid told us the names of the accused, whose names are Kallu, Patwari, Rishi, Kuldev, Sonu, Mahinder, Anu, Bhima.

 There were about 30-35 RSS who killed me and my brother so brutally that my brother died on the spot and his body was dumped in a farmhouse.

 People claim to have been murdered for did not speaking the name Jai Shri Ram

 Many of them also said that Asif was forcefully forced by some BJP RSS workers to speak Jai Shri Ram when Asif did not speak Jai Shri Ram, he was beaten to death by beating him.

 Share this so that Asif gets justice and the accused get severe punishment.

 If you did not share this, then it may happen that the same happens with you next time.

 Please do not see your caste and share it and keep encouraging people for Asif's justice.

 Search in Google to read such true news.  And similarly keep supporting us and help prevent incidents like this mob lynching

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