After torturing the girl from North East, the girl committed suicide.

 After torturing the girl from North East, the video was uploaded on social media and after that the girl committed suicide.

 The incident that has embarrassed humanity has happened today.

Girl believed to be from Northeast brutally tortured, sexually abused by gang of five

Girl believed to be from Northeast brutally tortured, sexually abused by gang of five

 People claim that this incident is from Jodhpur, but the name of Jodhpur has not been revealed in the investigation of the incident yet, investigation is still going on to find out where this incident happened.

Girl believed to be from Northeast brutally tortured, sexually abused by gang of five

 The incident is that a boy who calls his girlfriend in a house and brutally kills her there is furious with her, after which he does not fill her mind, then he calls his friends and calls friends after sending them to their house.  Calls in

 Five criminals together torture the girl a lot

 This boy has 3 boy friends and a girl friend.  After which the extent of their atrocities starts to increase, the three boy friends of the boy kill this girl very badly, shut her mouth so that she does not scream and people do not even let the voice of this girl go out.  People could not help it.

 The main accused along with the accused includes a girl

 But not only this, this girl is treated badly. The girl friend who is a girl friend of this boy tear this girl's clothes. And since then the victim's private part has a bottle of whiskey and many more  There is such a thing that we put in which we are not able to pay attention here, how disgusting this people were doing.

 How can this girl, being a girl, do so much injustice and atrocities on a girl.  What is most annoying is that a girl, together with these accused, put an end to the dignity of a girl.

 These people were beating the victim girl very badly and were very rude and tortured a lot, but at the same time, her boyfriend, that is, the main accused, was made a video of the victim girl and uploaded on social media.

 When they did not mind, this victim girl was licked in the part sitting near her, her hair was pulled and uprooted and the girl was screaming at the rate, but no one showed any pain and started beating it badly and her  Keep moving up the oppressor.

 Or the girl is being told of Northeast and the video is being claimed of Jodhpur but till now it has not been proved in the investigation whether the video is from Jodhpur or not but this video has become so viral that this video reached the people.  is.  The photo of those who were criminals in this disgusting work is also going viral on social media. Girl has committed suicide after the video went viral.

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 Along with this, Assam Police has also given information by tweeting that if someone reveals the address of the accused seen in the video or gives information about the accused, then he will also be rewarded.

 If you also tell the address of the accused seen in the video, then please go to your nearest police station and tell about the accused. Whatever you know about them, you can go to the nearest police station.

 Or if you are afraid, in our email address, you can tell about the accused, the email address will be given below, where we can tell about the accused by mail, we will give the information given by you to the police.

 No photo of you or your information will be given to the police. Your information will be kept secret. And you will be kept safe. So you can send mail to our email address without intimidation and send us the information about the accused.  can do.

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