Girl asks for oxygen cylinder for father, neighbor asks for sex

 Girl asks for oxygen cylinder for father, neighbor asks for sex

In this situation, it is very common to not have a bed in the hospital and lack of oxygen cylinders.  In recent times, Corona is showing his outbreak so much that in the present time every person is keeping himself very well in the house to avoid this epidemic.

Girl asks for oxygen cylinder for father, neighbor asks for sex
Girl asks for oxygen cylinder for father, neighbor asks for sex

 In the coming days it is also heard that due to lack of oxygen, people are dying on the middle road and on the ambulance itself.

 It was about oxygen cylinders and hospital beds.

 But the incident that happened today is embarrassing to the whole world.

 Now, very big veteran actresses have gone out for a walk in the time of this pandemic and are uploading their photos of the fun in their social media account.

 And in the meantime, many great actors and actresses have extended their helping hand to the general public like us and she is also helping us.

 If you talk about help, you will get the first name in everyone's tongue to hear that they have considered Sonu Sood as their real hero.  And why should we not believe that Sonu Sood has done so many good things that people are feeling good.

 Not just actors and actresses, there are many common people who have also supported the poor and unhappy man like us, they have also arranged for an oxygen cylinder.  Getting the cylinders delivered.

 Today, a similar world event is going viral on Twitter where a girl has tweeted that her friend's sister was forced to have sex by a boy.

 The whole incident is that this girl's father needed oxygen.  So this girl was begging for oxygen from her neighborhood boy.

 But the most shocking thing is when this girl asked for oxygen cylinder from her neighbor boy to save her father.

 Then this boy asked this girl to have sex with him.

 As soon as this incident was tweeted on Twitter, a lot of people got angry at the same time, they responded fiercely to this tweet.

 People also say that people like these should be hanged.

 And one of the brothers also said that such a day is going on at a time where people are coming to help the poor like us, but some of them also

 There are those who are taking advantage of our helplessness.

 And one fellow said that the ambulance is so much needed that even the ambulances are taking ₹ 50000 to go 5 km.

 If you want to give any kind of opinion about this incident and this neighbor boy, then please give comment in the box.

 Please share it so that hungry wolves of lust like these can be punished.

 Their big media channels will not show all this nor write about them, then you all can teach a lesson to the hungry wolves of these lusts.

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