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Today digha I is in a very terrible situation.  Today, there is a storm in Digha at a speed of 80 to 90 km.  During this storm there are many houses with big trees and electric wires on the roof.

 There has been a terrible situation in Digha since morning

 Since this morning, a very terrible situation has been created in Digha, where it can be seen that there are many houses whose sea water has reached inside the house and the whole house has been filled with water.

 Admittedly, in this terrible situation, you have not lost any property, as soon as the opportunity is there, the local people were removed from there and taken to a safe place, so there is no loss of life.

 Indian Army is also ready to deal with this terrible situation

 The youth of our India have in due course of time moved people from the houses which were near the sea to a safe place where they are being given food and needy things.

 There has been a lot of rain since this morning in West Bengal and in many areas as well.

 It is being seen in Digha that the car and bike kept somewhere have been submerged in the flood that was caused due to this storm.

 West Bengal mein kab aegi tufan

 It is being claimed that there may be a storm in West Bengal from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm, so if everyone is at home, now if you are out of the house then hide yourself in a safe place so that your  There should be no loss for life.

 People who are in their house, if your house is made of mud or you feel that your house will fall or you will take your house, then please go to a safe place.  The contentment rooms that have been built in your area, you should go there because you will be very safe there and you will get everything you need from food to food, if you live in your weak house then you will die.  There may be loss.  Please do not stay under the weak building, electric poles and big trees.

 If you live in a weak building, there may be a lot of possibility of the building collapsing and it can also result in loss of your life if you live under an electric bridge, then you die due to an electric shot in your body after the electric bridge breaks.  Can also be done. Do wake up sexy and take care of yourself and your family.

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