cyclone yash in west bengal.cyclone yash updates,

cyclone yash in west bengal.cyclone yash updates,

cyclone yash In some state of West Bengal, Balis are showing their influence.  Where it is being claimed that in the area where cyclone yash will show its effect, there can be a lot of destruction and damage.

 It has also been learned from the sources that 148 hourly speed will come, during which there will be destruction wherever this storm will occur.

 There are some states in which the possibility of catastrophe is being seen.  Such as Digha, Sundarbans, Shankarpur and also many places of West Bengal are included.

 Today many NRDF personnel are engaged in taking the permanent people present in Digha to a safe place from the beach.

 NRDF jawans say that if we do not take strict steps in time, then in which state will there be a lot of devastation, which can also be a possibility of life.

 That is why, in due course of time, we have inspired all the people living in the beach to stay in a safe place and are also taking them to a safe place.

 The video is given below where you can see how the NRDF jawans are helping these people.

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