Today a 20-year-old girl was raped in Medinipur. And the girl was hanged in the house.

 Today, there is such a condemnable and shameful crime to the world that will make you cry too.

 Today a 20-year-old girl was raped in Medinipur.  And the girl was hanged in the house.

Today a 20-year-old girl was raped in Medinipur.  And the girl was hanged in the house.#justiceforswastijana
Today a 20-year-old girl was raped in Medinipur.  And the girl was hanged in the house.#justiceswastijana

 A 21-year-old girl was gang-raped in Dobra area of ​​Mednipur.  The girl's name is Swasti Jana, who lives in Mednipur, this girl used to study for the second year at Dogra College, Medinipur.

 Swasti Jana was taken to a neighborhood house and she was brutally raped.

 When it was raped, these criminals together hung its body in the house.

 And the most surprising thing is that this girl was raped and on this day, the same clothes were worn by this girl and she was hanged from the fan in this neighbor's house.

 Let us tell you and a news has come that will surprise you, along with this criminals, a woman criminal too.

 Two young men and a woman were involved to carry out the rape.  He was arrested by the police.

 When this girl was being raped, this woman supported these criminals like a guard so that if any people come to this house, this woman can drive her away or this woman can alert these criminals, so this woman  Has deployed like a guard outside the house so that people do not doubt what is happening in this house.

 It is very surprising to think how she, as a woman herself, was helping a little girl to rape this girl in association with the hungry wolves of this lust.

 Did this woman not feel the slightest pity that this innocent child was raped by the hungry wolves of this lust in this way, or that the woman was pushing her near the hungry wolves of this lust instead of saving her?  was.

 Who is the criminal

 It is learned that these three criminals had come to the neighborhood house to do mistry work.

 Where this two young men and women gangsters first befriended this little innocent girl, after that, after pretending to be friends and taking advantage of the friendship, call this girl to a nearby house.

 And she was raped by these lust-hungry wolves.  And this woman kept watching the culprit and vice versa also supported the wolves of these two lusts.

 After all, how long girls will die like this and they will be raped like this?

 Have these girls become a toy for these hungry hungry wolves?

 Why no law has been made for these rapists yet?

 Does the government want girls to die in such a way that they are raped and they don't even get justice.

 If the government does not want the girls not to lose their lives or they are not raped, then why is the government still sitting silent?  Why the government is not yet making any law against rapists?

 Big media channels are betraying us

 And the worst thing is that there are so many big media channels, there are so many big news sites, no one has shown this news on their news site and their media channel, nor did they even try to know this news.

 Is this media really sold out for the leader and the minister, do they see only the seat of the leader and the minister, who is winning how many seats from which state and who will become the victorious.

 Shouldn't the media channel show the filth spreading in our society?  Should they be raping some girl every day, should they not show it on the media channel?  Shouldn't they be given justice?

 Is it the job of the media channel to only keep on showing the news of their beloved leader and minister?  Is it the job of the media channel that only those who have won by which vote from which state should be shown?

 There is so much rape in our country, does it not suit the media channels to show it in the media channel or they do not want to show it?

 Shall we pay money to the media channel only then she will show our sorrow in her media?

 After all, how long will media channels keep showing us lies only in the name of true news?  And why does this big media channel keep hiding the truth we want to know from us?

 We request you to please share this news on your social media handle as much as possible so that people have the power to demand justice for this innocent girl.

 And people should demand justice for this innocent girl and it should get justice.

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