The boy was killed to meet a girl in Almora.#justicebhuwanJoshi

 The boy was killed to meet a girl in Almora.

 Arasalpad in Almora district, also known as Saryughati.  To meet the teenager there, a boy was beaten to death by the villagers. #justicebhuwanJoshi

The boy was killed to meet a girl in Almora.#justicebhuwanJoshi
The boy was killed to meet a girl in Almora.

 The whole incident is that a boy named Bhuvan Chandra Joshi of Uttarakhand whose age is being told is 22 years.

 Bhuvan Joshi had a friendship with a girl whose age is said to be 16 years.

 This girl called Bhuvan Jasi and called him to his village to meet.

 Bhuwan Joshi takes a friend with him to this girl's village on Wednesday evening to meet this girl.

 When they go to this village to meet the girl, the girl's villagers saw these two together.

 As soon as the girl saw her villagers, the girl accused Bhuvan Joshi of molesting her.

 After which such an embarrassing incident occurred which is a very condemnable incident.

 The girl's villager, without any proof and not listening to this boy, hit the boy with great ruthlessness and injured him.

 The girl's father filed a case against these three boys on Wednesday night for molesting them.

 After the police issued a POSCO Act on these boys.  And also filed a case of molestation.

 And when the police found him in this injured condition, he got him medically examined at Dhauladevi.

 Bhuvan Joshi was then arrested and taken to the police station.

 But around 10:00 am on Thursday, Bhuvan Joshi's condition suddenly started deteriorating due to the beating of the villagers.

 In view of this condition of Bhuvan Joshi, the police admitted it to the CHC after which bhuwan Joshi died at 12 noon.

 As soon as Bhuvan Joshi died, after that Bhuvan Joshi gets justice in the entire Uttarakhand, for this, the entire Uttarakhand is demanding justice.

 People are also saying that if there was any mistake of Bhuvan Joshi, he should have handed it over to the police, in such a ruthless manner that the villagers have killed it is a very deplorable and shameful work.

 If Bhuvan Joshi remains guilty then the police punishes him.  If he had remained innocent, he would not have been killed there today.

 The video of this incident is becoming very viral on social media, where you can see that the villagers have killed Bhuvan Chandra Joshi very badly and the villagers refused to believe anything about it and neither Bhuvan  The villagers heard any thing about Joshi.

 Not only this, the villagers did not even allow Bhuvan Joshi to give his cleaning.

 From small to big, everyone brutally hit Bhuvan Joshi and his partner, which you can see on this viral video.

 When the entire Uttarakhand is demanding justice for Bhuvan Joshi, in the meantime, the police has also done a good job. Police have taken action very quickly in view of this case and three accused have also been arrested.

 Police have registered a case under 149/147/304 against these three people as well as 8 other criminals.

 Police have arrested Harish Pandey, Nar Singh as well as Harish Chandra Pandey.

 The villagers did not think a single time that every time boys are not wrong, sometimes girls can be wrong.

 These villagers would have listened to this boy even once or if he had tried to give it a cleanliness, if the villagers had listened to it, today the lamp that is in the family playing this laugh would not have been extinguished.

 Today again the villagers meet and extinguish the lamp of a family playing a celebrity.  Brought death on the support of old age.

 If you too are from Uttarakhand, if you also want Bhuvan Chandra Joshi to get justice, then share it as much as possible so that this news spreads to the people and that too demand justice of Bhuvan Joshi.

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  1. May the corona kill the demon people and those who put wrong allegation on people who use people for their own greedyness... this is kalyug Era... everyone will get its karma one day

  2. This is really very brutal. The villagers once should have listened to Bhuvan before taking any action.

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