Adline Castelino has become Miss Universe 2021

 Andrea of ​​Mexico has become Miss Universe 2021

 It has illuminated the name of India during the Corona epidemic, Adline Castelino.  She has proudly brought up the name of India in Miss Universe 2021.  While making Miss India this year, making India's name Roshan Hone made it to Miss Universe at number four this year.

 It is a very happy news during this epidemic and also brightened the pride and name of India by Adline Castelino, who lives in Mexico.

Adline Castelino has become Miss Universe 2020
Adline Castelino has become Miss Universe 2020

 Andrea of ​​Mexico has become Miss Universe 2021

 This year, Miss Universe 2021 competition was attended by contestants from many countries.  Many beautiful contestants took part in this Miss Universe competition 2021.  Many of the contestants also showed their hard work and crowned Miss Universe 2021 by not recognizing themselves as one of the top five in Miss Universe.

 Adline Castelino this year's third runner up

 To make India proud in itself, Adline Castelino managed to win the title of Miss Universe on her own and with her hard work, today in this crisis situation, India was proud to make India proud.  in the world.

 Brazil's Julia Gama was the first runner-up.  At the same time, Peru's Janick Maceta was the second runner-up.  India's Adline Castelino became the third runner-up and Kimberly Perez of the Dominican Republic became the fourth runner-up.

 In the Question Answer round, Andrea was asked - if you were the leader of your country, how would you handle the COVID-19 epidemic?

 In response to this question, he said- 'I believe that there is no right way to deal with this difficult situation like COVID-19.  However, I believe there would have been a lockdown in what I would have done before everything would have been so big because we lost a lot of lives.  And we cannot do this award.  We have to take care of our people.  So I would take care of them from the beginning. '

 In my final statement,

 Andrea was asked to talk about Beauty Standard.

 He said, "We live in a society that is very advanced. As we are an advanced society, we are also advanced with stereotypes. For me, beauty comes not only from the soul, but from our heart.  Also comes and how we are behaving. Never allow anyone to tell you that you are not valuable.

 The way Adline Castelino proudly widened India's name and India's chest in Miss Universe.  For them, Congress on our behalf continued to illuminate the name of India in this way and all your wishes are fulfilled.

 India may not have received a better gift than this in 2021.  Because right now there are news of corner infection and patients are getting all around there is chaos, there is chaos in the meantime.

 Adline Castelino has given a good news to India, congratulations to him.

 And he saluted his thoughts as well as his ideas for defending Covid-19.

 Blessed is India who produced such lions and lionesses.

 Long live Mother India

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