Useless things billionaires spend their money on


 Waste on which the rich have wasted crores of rupees

 Useless things billionaires spend their money on

Useless things billionaires spend their money on

Useless things billionaires spend their money on

 Today we will tell you about a person who gives 1700000 rupees in a salon just to trim his hair.  The name of this person is HAJI HASSANAL BOLKIAH.  Here the person is not an ordinary person, if this person can give 1700000 rupees for just a short cut of his hair, then this person will be a really rich person, yes you thought this person is really very rich, this person is the Sultan of Brunei.  SULTAN OF BRUNEI

 HAIR STYLIST is called from London to cut this Sultan's hair.  Named KEN MODESTOU.  The most surprising thing is when this hair stylist is called to cut Sultan's hair.  Then private plane is also booked for this hair styling and not only this, Nawabzade Sultan pays for their movement and movement.

 If you talk about India, there is no shortage of rich here too, here in India too there are such rich people who do not hold back from spending waste, another name in our list is Golden Shirt.


 His name is Datta Phuge. He does business in Pune.

 It is a shirt made for himself in 2012, he is also made of gold.  A shirt is worth

 1 crore 27 lakh rupees.  This shirt was made of 22 carat gold, not only that, this shirt has such a quality that if you know then you will also be surprised.  All this was created by a very well known person, it took 3 years to build it.  The shirt was designed by jewelery designer Tejpal Ranka TEJPAL RANKA of Pune.  To add this SHIRT well, 16 artisans were employed who worked well to connect every place of the shirt in 15 days so that there is no hole in the shirt and the shirt looks beautiful.  Not only this, he also made a matching belt for his shirt.  Just for this shirt, Guinness WORLD RECORD I also got the title of world's most expensive shirt.

 The biggest thing is that Datta Phuge's fame came to an end very soon.In 2016, Datta's sari fame came to an end. In 2016, the joyous dacoit came to Dutta Phuge's house and robbed her and stole more than half the gold in her house.  Done and at the same time bleed Dutta Phuge.  And Dutta Phuge died in 2016.

 If you are thinking that if you had so much money then it would have been good, then let us tell you, if you do not have that much money then you are living a very good life.  Because if you had so much money, then your condition would be like that of Dutta Phuge.


 If you build a new house or you take a new house, you first put a name plate in front of the door of your house, so that people know whose house it is.  To install this name plate, it takes 2000 to 3000 or less rupees to get this name plate installed.

 But a person in Abu Dhabi named Sheikh Hamad bin Hmda SHEIKH HAMAD BIN HAMDAN AL NAHYAN.  This sheikh bought an island in Abu Dhabi.  In this island, he dug the land and wrote his name.  Here the name is so big that it can be seen from the moon too, and to make this name even more, this name was made by digging in the ground so that the sea water flows in this name so that this name can be seen from the moon.  Could.

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 If you know the field gates, then you also need to know that Bill Gates owns more big companies like MICROSOFT. He has so much money that he can do anything but the biggest thing is that Bill Gates  Never spend frivolously but bought something that was worth $ 30.8 million.  He spent 225 crores for just one old book.  Leonardo the Vinci book named the codex Leicester bought it for 30.8 million dollars.  Which is 225 crores according to India.

 Dog collar

 You and we are very many men who love to raise a dog because dogs are really a loyal animal and they are very cute too.

 And we keep a dog so that there is no robbery or theft in the house. And we take care of the dog as well as we care for him, we put him in good clothes, keep him in good question because we have to punish the dog.  It feels good to have taxes.

 But we consider leash around the neck of the dog so that the dog does not harm anyone and along with it its beauty comes out very well because of this lease.  We spend at least 500 to ₹ 600 to buy this dog leash or maybe more than that we will be able to spend 900 to 1000 rupees.

 A person bought a dog leash in 3.2 million dollars. If we look at Indian accounts then it is $ 3.2 million, that is 26 crores rupees.  This is the only dog ​​wearing a dog collar named Ava.  The biggest feature of this dog collar is that this dog collar is made of sixteen diamonds.

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 Diamond tea bag

 We all like to drink tea. If we travel somewhere far by train, then we are given a type of tea leaf bag which is made into tea by immersing it in hot water or milk.  In the present day, the demand for tea palm is increasing very much because in the modern era, this tea back is being made for everyone to make tea very quickly and very easily so that people will get it within 1 minute.  You can make tea. The price of this tea bag back can be from 10 to ₹ 20 or from 50 to ₹ 60, but we will tell you a bag of tea bag whose price will not make you sleepy.

 There is a TEA BAG that costs $ 14000.

 The tea leaf company PG TIPS of the United States, after the completion of its 75 years, in whose happiness one of the most extensive teabags was built, which is worth more than ₹ 1000000 in the present day.

 If you are wondering what is unique in the tea bag, the price of this divya is more than 10 lakhs.  Let me tell you the work, the heir was the most damy stone in the Steve bag, so the price of its tea bag was ₹ 1000000.

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