Friday, April 9, 2021

Women standing naked in the balcony in broad daylight. The reason behind this is very shocking.

Dubai :  Women standing naked in the balcony in broad daylight.  The reason behind this is very shocking.

 Let us tell you that yesterday, 12 women were standing in a balcony without clothes, after this, when the police came to know about this, the police arrested these 12 women.

 A Muslim country called Dubai, where there is a huge punishment for even a small mistake, suddenly there in the morning hours in the morning, a total of 12 women got naked and stood in a balcony.

 In Dubai, a lot of punishment is given for doing public kissing or for doing some anti-social or offensive work.

 Some women, standing naked on the balcony in front of everyone in Dubai in public, did something that caused them to be arrested.  But the most surprising thing is why they did it.

 This video is becoming very fast in social media when we find out the truth of this video that the reason behind it is really shocking to you.

In order to convince his estranged girlfriend, this young man stole an ATM machine. 

 Some people have enjoyed this scene with pleasure and they have also made a video of it, due to which this video is going viral very fast.

 The most surprising thing is that it is not a video of India or any Hindu nation.

 The video is from Dubai where Muslim girls should wear a burqa. While there you can see that a total of 12 Muslim girls, wearing unclothed, stood on the balcony and showed their naked body to the whole society.

 However, the police have arrested all these women.  And after interrogating them, the reason that has come out will really surprise you.

 These naked women told that while they were doing stunts, in the meantime, a person has made their videos viral on social media.

 But the police termed the case as a highly objectionable and embarrassing case.

 And he may also have to pay a sentence of 6 months and a fine of ₹ 100000. Police said that the case violates Dubai's ethics.  Therefore, those who were naked women doing stunts in a balcony in Dubai would be punished for violating the morals of Dubai.

 The biggest thing is that the strictest law is in force in Dubai.  The law during which a lawsuit has been filed against him.  If someone kisses someone in public in public place or you can say kisses or they drink in front of everyone in public then they will get punished under this law.

 And the biggest thing is that if someone shares or uploads pornographic material on social media, then they are punished according to this law.  That is why people in Dubai who have shared this belkuni video may also have to go to jail or a lawsuit can be filed against them as per this law.

 This law is called Sharia law. It is a very strict law. If anyone violates this law, then he is punished with the greatest or harshest punishment for indecent behavior in any way.

 Dubai has also said that people who have done this obscene act or have shared this pornographic video will be given public prosecution for them, if they are found innocent then they will not be punished but if they are found guilty then they will be strict on them.  Strict punishment can be met.

 After this vulgar treatment video has gone viral, there has been a stir in all the Muslim countries.  And they have said that it should not have been treated as vulgar.

 What is your opinion in the balcony in this naked state

 For women doing stunts.

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