In order to convince his estranged girlfriend, this young man stole an ATM machine.

 This young man stole an ATM machine to find his unhappy love.  What happened after that will surprise you.

 The lover did some work to get his unhappy love and persuade his girlfriend, after which the police caught it and a surprised Raj also got along with it.

This young man stole an ATM machine to find his unhappy love.
This young man stole an ATM machine to find his unhappy love.

 In Bareilly, UP, a lover planned to rob an ATM machine to convince his estranged girlfriend, but when this ATM machine started being robbed, there was some surprising act.

 The young man's name is Yuvraj, his love affair was going on with a girl from MBBS, a resident of Mewar, Haryana.

 The girl was studying MBBS at MBBS College in Bareilly, but both of them had a breakup some time ago due to this breakup, the boy started feeling very sad and sad.

 This lover tried hard to convince his girlfriend but this girl was not ready to accept it.

 After that Yuvraj thought of giving an expensive gift to celebrate his girlfriend.  To give this gift, the lover planned to rob the ATM machine with his friends.

 As soon as this lover came to know that there is 1500000 rupees cash inside the ATM machine, then he thought why not rob this ATM machine so that the money that will be received from this ATM machine will give this young man an expensive gift to his girlfriend.

 Because it did not have the money to give expensive gifts to their girlfriends.  The situation that is happening nowadays due to the lack of money. It clearly shows how difficult it is to give expensive gifts.

 But it had thought that if we convince our girlfriends in any way, it will be good for both of us.

 So it turned out to steal the ATM machine on Friday.  After which, as soon as the sight of the home guard Zorawar Singh of CB Ganj police station fell on these people.  So they started to doubt these boys a little bit.  After this he started chasing these boys.

 He then finds out that the boys who are in this robbery are trying to rob the ATM machine.  After this, they inform the police personnel and the police come to the spot and catch all these accused.

 After this, when it was questioned why the ATM machine came here to steal, then the answer they gave was a really surprising answer.

 After this, Aashiq said that he loves a girl very badly but both of them have a breakup just a few days ago.

 This young man told the police that I stand in front of my girlfriend's college for an hour, but she did not talk to me and did not even look at me.

 I thought, why not give it an expensive gift, if I give it an expensive gift, it will not be angry with me and the resentment between us will end and both of us will be able to make love in the same way.

 But I did not have enough money to be able to give expensive gifts to my angry girlfriend. I decided to steal the ATM machine for this expensive gift.

 Those who were involved with this work are being named as Talib Ali, Deepak Sharma, Alok Sharma, resident of Firozabad, and 1 of them managed to escape and the police are still searching for him.

 But the policemen diverted the planning of all the criminals and hindered them from looting the ATM machine.  Because of which this ATM machine survived.

 This lover, blinded by love, had hatched such a big conspiracy, if the policemen had not come to the spot, this ATM machine would have been looted today.

 Regarding the lover who would like to say about this incident.

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