the brother-in-law cut his brother-in-law with an ax and severed his body from the torso.

 In Jabalpur, the brother-in-law cut his brother-in-law with an ax and severed his body from the torso.

 This whole news is of Ramnagara of Tilwara police station, Vijay Kashyap, residing there, cut his own brother-in-law with an ax and cut him off the torso.

the brother-in-law cut his brother-in-law with an ax and severed his body from the torso.
the brother-in-law cut his brother-in-law with an ax and severed his body from the torso.

 Let us tell you that Bijesh Kashyap's brother-in-law was his friend, his name is being told as Dheeraj Shukla, both of them are very good friends, but Dheeraj Shukla married Brijesh Kashyap's sister with love marriage and that's why Vijay.  Kashyap cut his own friend Dheeraj Shukla with an ax, cut the throat and cut his hundred pieces and also took his throat in a bag and took him to the police station.

 Together, it is being told that the sister of the accused has also been found hanging.

 The police is investigating whether the accused has angrily hanged his own sister in the house of his brother-in-law and has also strangled him with the ax of his brother-in-law.

 We are telling you the whole incident in detail, where you will be surprised by reading if it can happen.

 The thing is that when an unknown person arrived with a bag with him at the police station, when the police were looking at that bag in the hands of the unknown person, then blood was dripping from that bag in a huge amount.  The police asked what is in this bag, then told this unknown person that my sister's husband who is in it is his head.

 When the police asked how their head came to you, it began to tell the accused that I myself had cut my sister's husband from the ax with a torso and carried it with you. As soon as the police heard the incident and saw the accused,  Caught hold of him and took him into custody.

 After that, the police questioned him where all of your brother-in-law is.  Festivals take the police to the crime scene and show all that is left of his brother-in-law to the police, but this is where the police are surprised to see all this because not once but twice  Not 100 times but was severely severely cut with an ax, every part of a person was cut off with an ax.

 And what is even more surprising is that the police also found all of the accused's sister at the same house. All that was found is that the situation is being told that it was all hanged. The police believe that which accused  He first cut his throat by calling his brother-in-law and then hanged his sister so that the police could not find evidence of whose job it was and who else was associated with it.

 But within a few moments of this, the police came to know that some people from the house of the deceased person would come and tell the police that our boy, he never used to quarrel with anyone and talked to the best.

 However, when the police saw the body, it was not any kind of beatings or any other injury that occurred during the skirmish, then it is also clear that no man alone can do this work for this work.  Many more people will be engaged. The family members of the deceased claim that the accused's brother, along with the girl's father and some of his family, have been found behind the murder.

 Because there is no blood stain in the body, nor is there any stain of the scratches, it is clear that if a man had this task, then there would have been a clash in the meantime, there would have been bruises in the skirmish, but it was not clear.  This was done by cutting the throat with an ax.

 Meanwhile, the police is facing another challenge, that this incident, the blood that was carried out, the only accused in it is guilty or its family or its friends or even its family members are involved with it, then the police  This blood is being thoroughly investigated.

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