In Ranchi, the young man was caught stealing and badly beaten to death.

  Once again in Ranchi, a young man was beaten to death.

 It is reported that the case of Maheshpur area of ​​Angra police station of Ranchi is a mob brutally beaten to death by a mob.

In Ranchi, the young man was caught stealing and badly beaten to death.
In Ranchi, the young man was caught stealing and badly beaten to death.

 This is the reason behind this heartless murder. This young man who was beaten to death has been accused that he was stealing a bike, because of this people here have tied this young man in a car or you can speak  He was badly injured by hitting him with a stick and being punched severely with a stick.  And he was murdered.

 People say that its tree was broken and wound all over the body and this light was killed at the same time.

 The name of this person is being described as Mubarak. This incident took place just 1 kilometer from its house, people caught it in the theft of a bike and tied it with the help of one leg and brutally beaten with sticks and punches and kick-  Killed and beaten it mercilessly.

 The police was informed that this person was dead when the police came on the spot and the police were also told that this person was stealing the bike, so we killed it but for what reason we killed it, we do not know any of it  We are not to blame, but we are innocent.

 But the police caught some young man and has been taken to jail, calling him guilty.  But on this matter, people demonstrated in the Angara police station, they say that those who have been caught by the police, they are innocent, they should be released.

 And the person who lived there was questioned on what the matter is, whether it is an incident or how it died, do you know.

 So the people there said that this boy did not go to steal the bike. This boy was killed needlessly and only after it was killed when the bike tire and a battery were placed next to him so that people could understand or else  To explain to the people that it was stealing the bike, we caught it and we did not hit it enough that it could die.

 What is the real reason behind this, the police is investigating now whether this person really came to steal the bike or are people spreading false rumors by killing it unnecessarily so that all the people can be saved.

 Let us tell you that a similar incident took place in Jharkhand 10 days ago, is the fear of administration in the minds of the people gone, do these people consider themselves so clever that they are not afraid of the administration?  This is the reason why these people are not holding back from killing this ruthless person.

 Was it murdered by conspiracy or did people actually kill it by conspiring that the police should not suspect that they murdered this conspiracy, the reason behind it is not yet discovered, the police is engaged in its work  Hai police say that we will soon find out the reason behind this and we will apply to the court to punish those who are guilty behind it.

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