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Today we will tell you some (interesting questions answers) that are very (gk questions)

 As it is.  And their (question answers) are also asked like (general knowledge questions) during government job interview.  Such mcq and science questions along with it

 Which you will never hear.  Or if you have such (general knowledge quiz)

 If you have heard it before, then you will not know the answer.  Such questions

 Which are asked in every job interview.  But are such youth or is it so useful that this (interesting questions answers

 ) Are unable to find the answer or are unable to answer the question.

 This is why you have to feel embarrassed or your job is run at a lot of places.  Before this, you have to feel embarrassed in front of everyone, then you should read the answer to this question quickly so that you do not face such a problem and you cannot even go to your job.

 If you do all this (question,


 ) Knew the answer beforehand, you will definitely tell me by commenting in the comment box below.

 First we will tell some such interesting questions answers and general knowledge questions.

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 1 What is something that burns even in water?

 If you do not understand, then I am telling you again what is the thing that keeps on burning in water.

 Let us tell you that you must have heard the name of sodium or if you have studied science or are studying, then you must know sodium.  Sodium is the only thing that burns in water.

 2 Why does ice float in the water despite being very hard?  Let me tell you again why the ice floats in the water even though it is very hard?

 The higher the density of water and the lower the density of ice, the floating ice floats in water.

 Next question answer answer (science questions)

 Telling from

 3 Do girls also have problems with premature ejaculation?

 Just as men have problems with premature ejaculation, similarly women also have problems with premature ejaculation.

 However, it may be slightly different or you can say that is different because in women, premature ejaculation occurs when some kind of fluid comes out of the woman's urinary tract during sex.  Although this can happen when a woman gets excited for sex, but it is not necessary that it should happen only during sex.  The genitalia of women are inwards, so their premature ejaculation is not known.  About which most women themselves may be unaware.

 4 Which country in the world where there is no farming?

 Let us tell you that one of the most beautiful countries is a well-known country, whose name is Singapore, not which country, it is not just farming. Did you know this if you knew this, then please tell in the comment box, if not, please in the comment box.  Also tell that you did not know that you were able to know it for the first time through our website.

 5 Why does fevicol and faviquic not stick in a bottle that is big?

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 Fevicol is made of polymer.  It is made of a mixture of yogic and water called pva.  When exposed to air, water gets up and the polymer sticks, does not stick inside because Fevicol does not let air inside the bottle.

 6 Which country has a night of only 40 minutes?

 Norway is a country where there is only 40 minutes of night, so Norway is also called the Country of Midnight Sun Country of Midnight Sun

 7 Why do you make a sound when you wiggle your fingers?

 There is a special kind of fluid in your knee and elbow joint.  Which is called Cyanovial Fluid or you can say in Hindi Shailesh Dravya. This fluid acts like grease in a way and plays an important role in connecting the bones and prevents the bones from being rubbed from each other.  When gas creates carbon dioxide in a new place, it creates bubbles there, when we crack the bone, the same bubbles burst, and this is the reason why the bone and fingers crackle.

 Now we again general knowledge questions with answers

 Will tell you about and also answer.

 8 Which is the country where newspapers are printed on clothes?

 Spain is the country in the world where newspapers are printed on clothes.

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