Fir lodged against girl accused of assaulting zomato's delivery boy

 Fir lodged against girl accused of assaulting zomato's delivery boy

 Jomato delivery boy Kamaraj filed a case for defamation and false case against hitesha chandranee।zomato case study

Zomato Delivery Boy files case against hitesha chandranee,zomato case study

 The thing is that Jomato delivery boy was implicated in the video saying that this delivery boy Kamaraj and Kamaraj have been taken into custody only after this video and Kamas are still in Raj Jail but from that Kamaraj took this interest  Chandrani filed a case for defamation and falsely implicated in the case, he also clearly says if I win this case, I will not file a case against Hitesha Chandani. I have only one reason to register this case if I  This case wins and I prove innocent, only I will get my job and I will be able to live my life the way I was before because my father died 15 years ago and my mother is a diabetes patient all that time.  I am the only person who is sick and I am the only person in my family, because of which my family's home runs, not the only one is going to work for my family, so I want the police to investigate this matter from the root so that who is a liar and who is true  Let's know this and I will be proved innocent after that, I will get my job as well and I will live like before  I will live and serve my mother, Kamaraj told the whole thing through one of his videos and Kamaraj went to the police station and filed this case against hitesha chandranee.

 Do you think this work is really innocent or is it lying to escape too?

 What do you think is hitesha chandranee who is doing all this work to make herself famous or really something like this has happened to Hitesha and Hitesha is also innocent.

 Whatever you feel, comment in the comment box so that we can know who you are in support of Hitesha Chandrani or Kamaraj

 When the delivery boy narrated his entire story through a video, everyone felt that hitesha chandranee is lying somewhere and trying to catch it and this is the innocent delivery of Jomato who is the delivery boy because the video of it is viral.  It has been clearly stated that what happened that day, then let us tell you what happened that day with this Jomato delivery boy and with hitesha chandranee.

 hitesha chandranee had placed a food order on behalf of Zomato to deliver this food to a delivery boy from Jomato named Kamaraj. The incident took place in Bengaluru.

 When the delivery boy took food and reached Hitesha chandranee's house.  Then hitesha chandranee told him why it was so late.  So the reply came from the delivery boy that there was a road work going on somewhere on the way, so I have been late due to this and I have not been able to deliver your food in time, so I apologize for this.

 But after this reply hitesha chandranee gave this Jomato delivery boy i.e. Kamaraj to the abuser and abused him and slapped him with slippers in the video of this Kamaraj.

 Hitesha said that give me this food for free or I will not pay for it.

 But Kamaraj said that if you cancel the order, then I will take this order and you will not have to pay money, or if you give me the cash for the order you have made on cash, then I will give you this food.  .

 But hitesha chandranee did not listen to him. He has been talked about hitting him with slippers while abusing him and Hitesh has alleged that delivery boy Kamaraj hit me with a whip and he got an injury on his nose. That is why Hitesha Chandani  Had posted this video on social media.

 And only after this video, this video spread like fire and the delivery boy, Kamaraj, was caught by the police and he was also sued and this delivery boy is still in jail, his job has also gone and  It is also being told that Zomato's delivery boy named Kamaraj is his mother's diabetes patient and this job Raj is the only earning man of his family.

 Due to this case of Hitesha, the work of delivery boy Kamaraj has also gone away and it has become infamous all over the world for a false case in the world and people are getting it wrong.

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