Delhi Double Murder: Double Murder after Road Rage, CCTV Tragedy

 Delhi Double Murder: Double Murder after Road Rage, CCTV Tragedy

 Let us tell you that on Monday night, ie yesterday, two young men were going somewhere with a scooty.  At the same time, the young man accidentally hit a bike parked in front.

Delhi Double Murder: Double Murder after Road Rage,  Delhi Double Murder: Double Murder after Road Rage, CCTV Tragedy
 Delhi Double Murder: Double Murder after Road Rage, 

 The bike he hit also had two young men, one of them a minor and a child.

 Just after what happened, a boy wearing a white colored shirt from the one who hit him said, a boy riding a bike who was wearing a hat said that Suni got into a fight and after that he slapped her.

 Only then were the two bike riders brutally kicking and kicking the two young men riding the scooty, and then one of his friends fell down.

 But there was no quarrel only with punch and kick.  When a bike rider beat a young man, he did something that you cannot imagine because you would not imagine that someone murdered a small thing.

 One of the two bike riders pulled out a knife and scooted over the two young men riding the scooty before the scooty rider was strangled and then stabbed at the top of the body until both of them died.  Do not know how many times the knife was run and those who were driving the knife, you will be able to see clearly on the video below how they strangled the scooter riding youth with a knife and b after this until these people die.  He was stabbed with a knife and his blood stained on his shirt as well, you can clearly see it in the video below.

 The biggest thing is that out of the two criminals, one of them was a minor and one is said to be 20 years old.

 But the most surprising thing we are asking you.

 Whether this was a minor boy, did not his mother and father know, he has a knife, or did his father not know that he is spending his life with the wrong friends.  Do you not think that they did not fulfill the responsibility of their parents too, so today they have to see this day because of it.  That a minor boy of his, a scooty rider, kills two young men by strangling them with a common mango knife.

 When this information was given to the police, the police reached there and could not catch the accused, the accused had fled from there but the police picked up the body and sent it for postmortem and the CCTV camera which was installed there revealed that the accused  Who is this and where are the accused from this place.

 One of the young men killed is Rohit, who is 23 years old and one is being told as Ghanshyam, who is 20 years old.

 When both the accused were caught, one of them is named as Pradeep and the other accused was a minor.  The police also recovered the bloody knife from the accused and the bike on which the accused was riding was also recovered.

 The way the accused murdered two young men riding this scooty and this two young man died on the spot at the same time, then somewhere we should also be scared because nowadays no one is afraid of law without murder or Jagan crime.  Let's do it.

 In today's time, it is like going out alone or with friends as if calling death.

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