a painful road accident in Agra, Uttar Pradesh,

 There is such a painful road accident in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, in which 8 people died at the same time.

8 people killed in Agara road accident
 8 people killed in Agara road accident

 It is reported that a severe road accident took place in Agra in Uttar Pradesh where a Scorpio car collided with a truck and at the same time 8 people in the Scorpio were killed.

 And it is being told that the Scorpio was so fast that this accident was sure to happen. And the other 4 men who were with them are also very badly injured, they have just been admitted to the hospital, their condition is also very serious.

 When the police got this information, the police immediately came to the spot and started investigating.

 It has been found from the investigation that the speed of the train was very high, due to which a total of 12 men who were riding in the Scorpio collided between the two vehicles, 8 people died at the same time and 4 people were seriously injured.

 It has also been reported here that the body of 8 people has been sent for post-mortem, now they will know whether these people were drunk or any other reason, what is the reason behind the fierce collision of truck with them.  To know

 Along with this, it has also been reported that the remaining 4 people who were seriously injured have been admitted to the hospital but their condition is still seriously critical.

 The SP of Agra Police told that both the vehicles were going in the opposite direction. It has also been learned that the Scorpio car lost its control and went across the divider, hence the truck collided with the Scorpio car.

 The passing of the Scorpio car is being reported from Jharkhand and the passing of the truck is said to be from Nagaland.

 The 12 men, who were from Bihar, were told that these people were going somewhere, in the meantime, they took control of the Scorpio car and it went across the divider and crashed into this Nagaland Passing Truck in a very severe way,  Eight people were killed on the spot and four people were horribly and seriously injured.

 Dead body of 8 man has been sent for post-mortem to find out what was the reason for the vehicle to lose control, whether he had drunk or his health was bad.  What is the reason for hitting the vehicle, it will be known only after the post-mortem how the driver of the Scorpio lost control and went across the divider and collided with this Nagaland passing truck.

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