Why are wedding rituals celebrated?

 Why are wedding rituals celebrated?

Why is an engagement ring worn?

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Why are wedding rituals celebrated?

 The first special ceremony of marriage is engagement.  According to Hinduism, on the day of engagement, the bridegroom means that the husband and wife wear the ring in the ring finger of each other's left hand.  This ritual of engagement is done only by wearing a ring.  Now we tell you the scientific secret behind this ritual.

 According to physiology, the fourth finger of the left hand has a vein that is directly connected to the heart.  Wearing a ring in this finger puts pressure on the vein, which carries blood properly to the heart.

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 Why is turmeric applied to the body before marriage?

 You all will know that there are many such rules before getting married in Hinduism or you can say that there is such ritual which is very important to do.  In our Hindu religion, everyone knows that the ritual of turmeric is played before marriage, but not everyone knows why the turmeric ritual is performed, then we will tell you why turmeric ritual is performed on the first day of marriage.

 By applying turmeric, the skin of the bar and bride is improved.  And due to the beauty on their face, they also feel very beautiful to look at.  And their skin remains a little shiny.  Many people also believe that turmeric and bride do not feel any bad eyesight due to the rituals of turmeric

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 But what you know is the scientific reason behind it. If you do not know then you will keep reading below and we will tell you the scientific reason for this.

 Turmeric has many medicinal properties and turmeric also has antiseptic properties.  You must have also heard that even the elders say that if cut or bruised, then turmeric should be applied on that place because turmeric is the only thing that shows its medicinal properties very quickly, so that the cut area  Then the pain ends immediately at the place of pain.

 Why is henna applied on the first day of marriage?

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Why is henna applied on the first day of marriage?

 You must have seen or those people who have married must have seen that henna is applied in their hands and feet.  Because applying henna on hands and feet is considered auspicious.  According to Hinduism.  According to the belief, if the mehndi is applied in the hands, it will be as much as the mehndi or the darker its color and the deeper the love and relationship will be formed in Burh Badu

 Now we will also tell you the scientific reason behind this.  Mehndi has antiseptic properties.  And applying henna gives a cool feeling in the body, which relieves tension and headaches and any kind of anxiety.  Therefore, to avoid illness before marriage, henna is applied to bride and groom.  If you did not know this, then please comment by commenting below.

 Why are the rounds around the fire?

 Now we will talk about the main ritual of marriage.  This is the main ritual of marriage, in this, the bride and groom have to make rounds around the fire, if this ritual means that if the rounds are not made around the fire, then this marriage will not be recognized.  That is why the bride and groom have to take seven rounds around the fire.

 Now we tell you the scientific reason behind this.  When the bride and groom take the fire, then the negative energy or power that is with them is destroyed.  This leads to positive power in the bride and groom.

 Why is vermilion filled in demand?

 According to Hinduism, on the wedding day, the groom fills sindoor in the bridegroom's demand and accepts it as his wife.  After which, according to tradition, the bride has to fill sindoor in her demand every day.

 This will make people understand that this woman or the girl has got married. And there is one thing that people say that if the girl is admitted vermilion in her demand then it benefits that her husband's life is prolonged.  Increases with age.

 We will tell you the scientific reason behind this

 According to the physiologist, there is an important and sensitive gland of the brain from the forehead to the middle of the head.


 There is a sensitive gland called Brahmarandhra when vermilion is applied at this place, it acts as a medicine which also keeps the mind calm.

 And in fact, after marriage, the pressure of arrest comes on the woman, due to which stress, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, etc., surround the disease.

 The vermilion consists of turmeric lime and mercury, which keeps the brain cool.  Therefore, vermilion is filled in demand.  Another scientific reason for this is that because of the pandas in the sindoor, the desire for sex within the wife is very strong.  Which is very important for married life.

 Why are bangles worn in hands?

 According to Indian culture, it is very important for women to wear bangles after marriage.  Because wearing bangles makes a married woman or a woman or a virgin girl look even more beautiful.

 According to the belief, the bangles are worn in the name of the husband.  Now we tell you the scientific reason behind this.

 You all will know that there are many such points between the wrists of hands, which provides a positive power in us.

 Wearing bangles puts pressure on the point that remains in our hands and we remain alert all the time, that is, we remain active all the time.

 Due to this, blood circulation is right and health is also good and along with it, peace is maintained in the body.

 Are the toes worn on the toes?

 According to Indian tradition, a married woman wears her feet on her feet, which enhances her beauty even more.

 .  Scientists also explain the reason behind this.  The second finger of the foot has a vein that is also connected to the heart.  When a married woman wears it and when wearing it for work or moving here and there, it puts pressure on the second finger of the married woman's feet, which allows the blood to flow to the heart properly and  This causes very little accident of heart attack.

 And let us tell you that it is silver in the middle.  Silver is a source of energy from which we can get energy all the time and we do not even feel tired.

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