Her mother was raped in front of an innocent son.breaking news today

 Her mother was raped in front of an innocent son.latest news headlines for today

 usa today news । Let us tell you that her mother was raped in front of a 3-year-old innocent son in Pithoria area of ​​Ranchi. However, the accused was caught by the locals. This abusive work and abuses with women by threatening women at the tip of knives  The action has been done.breaking news today

  Her mother was raped in front of an innocent son.


 On the Pithoria police station, there was a serious charge against the policemen on behalf of this victim woman.india today live

 The victim went to the Bipithoria police station and registered a case against the accused.  And along with this, a case has also been registered against the police.  It has been alleged that when this misdemeanor was committed with this woman, he was misled by the police for three days for medical treatment.  Even the 164 statements the woman had recorded were not yet recorded by the police.  Along with this, the people of its area also filed a case against the police at the police station.world news today

 It has been learned from the victim that.  Were calling him again and again.  He also said that all the catchments for medical treatment are being done only after that the medical is done. You can also say that he was being tricked by the police.latest news headlines for today

 breaking news headlines today Let us tell you that whenever someone is this disgusting or you can say that it is a rape or rape, then no process of 3 days is done for it.

 Does the police also want to save the accused?news today

 It has been reported that on behalf of the victim that his statement of 164 has also not been recorded yet.  And the police were misleading him to undergo a medical examination for 3 days. He was saying that the investigation would be done after the end of Pakariya after 3 days.

 The way the police was delaying for 3 days, it is clear from the fact that the police also wants that the evidence is finished or it may be that the police also wants that the accused should not be caught.  Whether or not the accused should be convicted.

 Because the medical examination is conducted within 24 hours, it does not take 3 days or even a week. So perhaps it clearly states that the police also want the accused to be convicted.  Or the police also want that it is better for them to ignore the work that has happened.

 In Pithoria district of Ranchi, his mother was raped by an accused in front of a son.

 What do you think about this whole news,

 In fact, either the police are mixed with them or the police also wants that this disgusting incident has been ignored. Because the way the police are working, no true and noble police does this work.

 The police has been kept so that they protect us, but instead of protecting them, the police here do not know what they are doing.

 If this continues, then who will trust the police. The one we trust most is the police, because in our every grief, the police have to support us.

 And should be supported together, but it is being seen here that the police are not able to play with us in our trouble but are saving the culprit.

 And for the criminal not to be punished or to get any action done against him, he is also giving with the criminal.

 After all, how long will this last? Why do the police never raise voice about the atrocities being perpetrated on a preet, why do they delay so much in getting justice for them.

 You write your valuable thoughts in our comment box, is the police really saving the accused, or does it really take that much time for medical examination.

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