corona update: 6144 people lost their lives due to Corona in Punjab

 covid-19 update: Corona virus has taken the entire Punjab in its grasp and has started killing Punjab.

 New corona cases have been reported in Punjab, 164 new corona cases have been reported on Tuesday.

corona update in panjab 2021
corona update April 2021

 The biggest news is that 44 people died in Punjab within 24 hours.  44 people who lost their lives because of who they are.

 Which 6144 people have lost their lives in the state so far.  Meanwhile, let us tell you that Jalandhar has become the hotspot of Corona epidemic.

corona update: 6144 people lost their lives due to Corona in Punjab

 In Jalandhar, 9 people died on Tuesday, while eight people lost their lives in Patiala due to the corona epidemic.  Now if we talk about the state, you can see that the death rate here in the province is twice the national average.

 The national average is 1.4 while the death rate in Punjab is 3.1 percent.

 Let us tell you which 531 new cases of infection were reported on 1 March in Punjab.  Which has become 1338 workers on March 15, and at the same time, let us also tell you that the rate of infection in Punjab has increased by 6. 8%.  Simultaneously, in Chandigarh, on March 1, 49 cases of corona infection were found, but here the cases of corona infection have been increased to 111 workers on 15 March.

 Sukhbir Badal, chief of the Ramani Akali Dal, has also given information about himself being corona positive, he tweeted.

 I want to tell you that I have not been able to speak. My health is right. I have isolated myself. I appeal to those people to isolate themselves and get tested, which I came in contact with me in the past.

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