world's largest cricket stadium Motera stadium facts

 world's largest cricket stadium Motera stadium facts

Who does not like watching cricket, wherever you look, you will definitely see cricket lovers. Most of the cricket lovers will be seen in Kolkata. Because the people of Kolkata are so crazy about cricket and football that they can watch every cricket match and football match.  

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world's largest cricket stadium Motera stadium facts

Let's go to the stadium.  Even yo leave their work and sacrifice for cricket.  The fun of watching a game of cricket in a good cricket stadium from TV will not be found anywhere else.  If we talk about the biggest cricket stadium, then the fun of watching cricket in it increases even 10 times. 

 This stadium can also be called the second wonder of India in a way.  If you too have to go to the stadium to watch cricket and football and you are fond of going to the stadium, then you should book this stadium as soon as possible and sit here and sit in the stadium peacefully without any problem in this stadium.  Can enjoy.  It has also been reported that cricket, football, tennis, hockey and many more sports will be played in the stadium here.

 The world's largest cricket stadium is named Motera stadium.  Another name is Sardar Patel Stadium. This stadium is built in Ahmedabad which is the largest stadium in the world which comes in number two in the whole world.  If you go to see sports in this stadium, you will not have any problem with anything.  Because in this stadium, 110000 men will be able to sit together and enjoy this cricket game.

 Moterastadium facts?

 1 This entire stadium is spread over 63 acres.

 2 it has three major entry points

 3 There is a club house which has a capacity of 55 rooms inside it.

 4 This stadium has four different dress changing rooms.

 5 While sitting where you will enjoy this game, LED lights have been installed all over the place.

 6 There is also a lot of spotting facility here.  Such as an Olympic size swimming pool, indoor cricket academy, badminton court, tennis court s, quare serena, table tennis area, full size movie theater where you will be able to sit and watch a 3D movie.

 7 Three big practice grounds have also been built in this stadium so that all the cricketers can practice here.

 Parking space has also been made for keeping 3,000 cars and 10,000 bikes for people coming to 8 stadiums.  Here you can also say a huge parking area.

 9 If there is rain during the cricket match, the rain will dry up within half an hour, this facility has also been made in it.

 10 Two types of clay have been used to build this stadium, a red clay and a black clay.

 11 The reason behind the use of black soil is because the water from the black soil dries up very quickly.

 12 And the reason behind using red soil is that the grass in the stadium here grows very soon with red soil.

 13 different peaches have been made in this same stadium.

 14 Red clay is used in the manufacture of five pieces and black soil is used in the manufacture of 6 peaches.

 There is no demand for any kind of piler between the spectators and the players in the 15 stadium.  The audience will be able to watch the player easily without any problems while playing.

 16 It has taken 3 years to build this entire stadium.  This work started in the month of February in January 2017.  And is completed in February 2020

 A total of 76 corporate boxes have been built inside 17 stadiums.  Which is the most from any stadium

 Physiotherapy system and hydrotherapy system are also placed inside 18 stadium.  Which can only give treatment to the player in the hand.

 19 Narendra Modi Ji and Donal Trump were to inaugurate this stadium together.

 no20 .... Rs 800 crore has been spent to build this entire stadium.

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