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When did women's day started in India?

Today we are going to talk about (International Women's Day) or you can forget about International Women's Day.  

womens day women's day 2020 happy women's day happy women's day 2020 international women's dayWhen did women's day started in India?  Why do we celebrate Women's Day on March 8? Which day we are celebrating Women's Day? What is the theme of Womens Day 2021?  Is there a National Women's Day?  What is the theme of Women's Day 2020?  Why is National Women's Day celebrated?  Who celebrates Women's Day as birthdays?

Which day we are celebrating Women's Day?

Which is celebrated on 8 March. Do you know why this (International Women's Day) is celebrated.  When I asked some men why this International Women's Day is celebrated.  So he said that like we celebrate Valentine's Day or Father's Day Mother's Day, we celebrate it as well.  When it has been implemented, therefore we also refuse.  But its reality and its truth are much deeper.  

Why do we celebrate Women's Day on March 8?

If we will tell you what is the reality today, then you keep reading rightly, what is this reality and truth and what are the secrets hidden behind it.  The reality is that we do not even think about the (Fundamental Right!) Fundamental Right that women have one and a half years ago.  Women were not right to stand in the election and work outside or to work and even to produce children.  We are not just talking about India.  It was not a right for women in all the countries like America, England, Europe all over the world.  First of all, it was considered a job for women.  He did not have the right to do the job.  And there was no position for women in any job.  At this time, women were not considered suitable for jobs.  That is why women were hindered from doing jobs.  And nobody even encouraged them to do the job.  However, in this time, all this is absolutely nil.  Because he openly demonstrated it at the time, the post office was banned to stay.  He completely protested against it.  Then we have to see this day that women are working.  And women working in very high positions are equal to boys.  Even today, there are many people who do not want to send a girl to a job.  Or they believe that the girl at home should not do the job.  We cannot tell to what extent this is true.  Or it could be the reason for this.  Because even now, women or daughters are not as safe as they should have been.  Because now when a girl reaches home late at night, the parents' chain sleep is lost.  Parents and family members feel afraid that nothing bad happens to their girl.  Due to which his girl had to face a lot of trouble going forward.

 Women were never considered the same as men in the times ahead.  Because it was like when a man is doing a job well and if he was paid ₹ 500 salary.  If a girl did the same thing correctly, then that girl would be paid one hundred rupees.  That is, women were never equated with men.  It was very strange that why I used to do this in future.  But when you look at this time, every boy and girl are seen with the same eyes.  For me this is a very good thing.

 Other than that, it was not.  Women were believed to stand in the election or were prevented from standing.  He did not even have the right to know when to have a child.  The right to have a child was exercised by men as to when women would bear a child.  Even they did not get anything in their ancestral property.  This caused domestic violence.  There was a quarrel in every house.  And women were also used to torture.  In order to get this saree rights, women also took out a protest and performed dharna. In the month of February, February 1909, some women demonstrated for the first time that we want equal rights.  We should be treated equal to men, we need rights to stand in the election, we also need rights to do jobs, we need all the rights that women need.  This front performed so well that the women of Sari place performed together in this performance.  After that, slowly, demonstrations started all over the country and all over the state.  Somewhere women have been mortally wounded in this demonstration. Somewhere they have lost their lives, many women have also become disabled due to the fight in this demonstration, and many more incidents happened during this demonstration.  After slowly, all men and women understood that what they have disturbed by women is truly praiseworthy.  And gradually they started getting this right.  But you will see even today that women are not treated like men even today.  They are not given equal status.  Even today they are tortured.  If you talk, then the most surprising thing of India is that if a girl is born in someone's house, then she is killed in the womb.  Even today a girl is openly raped in India.  Even today a woman is raped.  Even today a doctor is raped and killed.  Even today girls are afraid to go out at night.  After this, every country started thinking about international women's day and supported it and after that, after making a policy for women to move forward in every country, United Nation declared the International Women's Day on March 8 (8 March).  To remember those women who have killed themselves in the meantime, women who have been handicapped for this right, women who have suffered a lot of torture, sorrow and suffering for this right.  Because of which today women and men are seen to be the same.  He is now able to get a job to raise his family, he can now vote to choose the Prime Minister or the leader or the Chief Minister of the country, this International Women's Day is being celebrated to celebrate him.  I want to say one thing for all men, if you also make a move for these women, then it is possible that these women can also go ahead and do a lot which a man cannot do.  If the entire male society decides whether to honor women or help them in any case, then from where our India will go, you will not even know.  If you think that women are under our feet, then you will not bring men but you will bring an animal.

What is the theme of Womens Day 2021?

 Even if this time is seen, girls and women have got rights.  But even today, women have to be stable with girls like men.  Even today girls are unable to go out at night out of fear.  Yes, even today, girls are raped in front of the public and who knows what they cannot do for the girl.  You know this and then keep watching it is true, but the persecution that is over.  Even today small girls are not safe from snake, even their family members.  That his family becomes his cause of death.  I am a family man who rapes his daughter and daughter.  So how should we believe that the girl is safe even today.  Even today no punishment or any law has been made for the rapists.  How long will this last?  We all have to stand together and raise our voice against this when this government will change.  If we make this law, then any request will think a hundred times before raping.  Today, if we keep quiet thinking that we do not have a daughter and a child, then why should we go to agitate for the daughter and child of another.  So you know that you do not have a daughter and a child today, what happened? Your son and daughter will have children, what will you do if this happens to them?  When you feel this, if we take this step earlier, today this day does not have to see my daughter or my son.  I want to speak to you today because all of you take an oath that a severe punishment and law should be taken for this rapist.  If you liked this article, please share all your friends family and all women by doing

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