Government has announced to waive agricultural loans|news headlines today


 news today Government has announced to waive agricultural loans

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current news is that The biggest good news has come for the girls studying.  Now the government will give 25000 and ₹ 50000 assistance amount directly to their bank account.  

This money will be given to unmarried girls who enter the 12th.  Girls who pass 12th will be given ₹ 25000 and girls who pass graduation will be given ₹ 50000.  Students will get the benefit of this scheme in the month of April.  This scheme has been implemented in the state of Bihar.  Every girl student of Bihar has started online applications to get this scheme.  All the documents given in the application will have to be correct.  After that your document will be verified.  And only after that the direct money will be sent to your bank account.  So far this scheme (yojna) has been implemented in the state of Bihar.  These have also been implemented in your state, so please tell us in the comment box.  If this scheme has not been implemented in your state, then in the comment box below, tell the name of your state, we will tell you the rule in your state or when the scheme will be implemented.  Have been reading below to know how to apply for it and when to apply

 latest news today is that pm kisan samman nidhi, pm kisan nidhi yojana, pm kisan nidhi PM Kisan Samman Nidhi and all other farmers can take ₹ 3000 in their bank account every month every month.  Let us know which scheme it is.  mandhan yojna, Under PM Kisan Maandhan Yojana, there is a plan to give small and marginal farmers pension every month.  In which after the age of 60 years, a pension of ₹ 3000 is given every month i.e. ₹ 36000 annually.  If a farmer is taking benefit of pm kisan samman nidhi, kisan samman nidhi, PM Kisan Samman Nidhi then no documents will have to be given for PM Kisan Manadhan Yojana mandhan yojna.  Because the documents of such farmers are already with the Government of India.  And thus the farmer will not have to spend money directly from his pocket.  Out of ₹ 6000, his premium will be deducted i.e. ₹ 1 out of pocket will cost him ₹ 36000 to run.  And three different installments will also be found.

 news headlines today is that the government has announced 12110 crore rupees agricultural loan to waive agricultural loans.  

The AIADMK government of Nil Nadu, Tamil Nadu, on Friday announced a waiver of agricultural loan agricultural loan of Rs 12110 crore for 14 lakh 46 lakh farmers of cooperative banks, announcing it in the state assembly that Chief Minister K Palani Swamy said that it  The scheme will be implemented immediately and the allocation will be done by his government even today.  If you also want that agricultural loan agricultural loan be waived in your state too, please comment in the comment box and state the name of your state.  If this agricultural loan is forgiven in your state also, will the people of your state be very happy or will they benefit from it.  If they are benefiting from them, then you must tell us in the comment box.

 top news today If you too want to take LPG gas under the Ujjwala scheme, then there is good news for you.  Will get LPG gas cylinder in free  Under this scheme, 

if a person lives below the poverty line, every family will be given a financial assistance of Rs 16.  With this money you can take LPG gas connection.  Only women of the family can apply to avail this scheme.  Women should be 18 years of age.  And there should be an account in the bank. Application should not already have any LPG gas connection.  There should be a BPL ration card as well as a BPL card and a photo ID. If you have all these documents, then you can very easily take advantage of this scheme is absolutely free of cost without spending anything.  So do not delay and go to your nearest LPG gas center and apply.

 newspaper today is that lakhs of farmers have returned the relief amount received under the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi to the government.  

What is the reason behind  Let us tell you that the budget that was presented was 2021 -22.  Prime Minister Krishi Samman Nidhi has announced a cut in the amount allocated for pm kisan samman nidhi, pm kisan nidhi yojana.  So far there have been cases of 2000000 eligible farmers in the country.  Meaning that the government has previously told the farmers who are ineligible for this and have taken advantage of this scheme (yojna).  So get your money deposited back.  So in view of this, all the farmers have sincerely returned those money.

 news today is that the government has made a big announcement to open a school.  

Date of opening of school in 4 states of India continues.  These states are Uttar Pradesh Rajasthan Himachal Pradesh.  After this order, Yogi Adityanath has issued a declaration on 10 February to the Uttar Pradesh government school to open a losing class from 6 to 8.  Apart from this, schools from class 1 to 5 will open from March 1.  And schools from ninth to 12th in Rajasthan will open on 12 January.  The Government of Rajasthan has announced to open the class from VI to VIII on 8 February.  Class 8 to 12 will open in Himachal Pradesh from February 1.

 world news today is that the duration of the Urban Housing Scheme under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana has been extended by 1 year.  

Under which more people will get benefit here.  And under the budget 2021, the budget of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana has been increased under which people will now get some more benefit.  It will be seen here that the amount given will be increased or the houses which are being built will also be increased.  And if you have also applied, please comment below.  If you have not found a home yet, then you can see pradhan mantri awas yojana list 2020, or you have applied long ago but you have not found a home yet, then you can see the pradhan mantri awas yojana 2019 new list in it.  Has come or not.  If you have not received the house despite your application, then tell us by commenting below.

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