good news today Alcohol will also be closed in all these states.

 good news today Alcohol will also be closed in all these states.

Today current news is that gas prices will go up
  good news today Alcohol will also be closed in all these states.
 breaking news today will now be a ration card across India.
 world news today is that now the government will give you ₹ 7000
 The next major news is that from today the government is going to introduce the bidi gutka khaini tobacco, which states will be banned, keep reading below to know the restrictions.
 latest news today is that the government has come out to eliminate unemployment. Know a large number of government jobs, in which posts, how many numbers have been released and keep reading below to know what the qualifications and experience will be.please daily reading our website news thankyou |

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 No1… Today's headline news is that the LPG gas you are using now.  It will be increased now.  Domestic LPG gas will cost ₹ 25 more.  And subsidized gas will cost 1.25 paise.

 news headlines today is that you can now take ₹ 7000 from the government.  How you can take this ₹ 7000 Keep reading below.  You will know that the gas cylinders are being given here by the government.  The installment of ₹ 800 has been deposited in your account.  Those who are beneficiaries of the Ujjwala scheme have met here.  The remaining one installment will get ₹ 800.  And the installment of 1000 rupees for those who are laborers here will be given in their account for 3 months.  If you have not made a labor card, then quickly make a labor card.

 top news today is that now tax will be levied on purchases of Rs 20,50,200 and 100 notes.  Keep reading below to know and come to our website daily to read such new plans and new news, and come and share this website ( in large quantity, thank you.

 national news today is that under the No plan you will get 2500 rupees.  If you also have a BPL card or if you fall in the BPL category then you will get 2500 rupees every month.

 good news today is that under another new scheme you will get a lot of benefits yes.  One Nation One Ration Card for the whole of India under the One Ration Card Scheme. Not a ration card will be given for a person from all over India.  Here we would like to tell that now you can raise ration anywhere in the entire state of Rajasthan, Delhi, Gujarat and whatever state there with a ration card.  And under this ration card you will also get more ration.  If you have not made this ration card, get it done quickly.

 The next big news today is that the government has brought a government job in 60,000 posts for boys and girls to end unemployment.  Out of which 34000 posts have got the job of postal department.  For this job you will have to pass secondary.  And there should be experience in cycling, only then you can apply for this job, so do not delay and apply soon.  And even after this, police recruitment in Tamil Nadu Telangana has been released in 9000 posts.  Which you will be asked for the tenth pass for water.  And after some physical parameters, you will have a selection.  So while giving, you start preparing for both these jobs.

 good news today  : Alcohol will stop in India from today.  You will have to read below to know which states will be closed.  Alcohol will be closed in these five states.  The names of the states are Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Haryana in these five states, liquor will be stopped from today.

 good news today is that if you eat gutka, khaini, bidi, tobacco, then know that this is going to stop in India, the Indian government is going to ban it.  You have been studying to know which restrictions will be imposed in the state, if you also live in this state then please tell us by commenting.  If you live in Orissa and Manipur, these two states have completely banned bidi, gutkha, tobacco, khaini.

   Today big news today is that if you have ₹ 20 ₹ 50 and ₹ 200 going shopping.  If this shopping exceeds your one lakh, then you will have to pay tax.  Because in the time of this coronavirus, how to get so much money from you, you have to give all the information to the government, if you are not able to give the right information correctly then you will have to pay a fine.

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