breaking news headlines today Airtel company is giving free recharge.

 breaking news headlines today Airtel company is giving 1 month free recharge.

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 Latest news today that 400 crore rupees will be put on the farmers' account, who will get the benefit of it and who will get this money and in which state, keep reading below to know.  Where are you reading this news, please write your state name in the comments

 Current news is that now electricity companies gave big warning to electricity consumers.  Keep this warning and keep reading below to know how to avoid it and who will be given this warning.  If your electricity bill is too high, please tell us below by commenting.

 The latest news today is that a big warning for the power consumer.  Bad news for those who do not pay the bills here.  Actually the power companies are very worried about those people who do not pay electricity bills on time.  All the power companies jointly issued a new rule for them.  Under this rule, the electricity consumer who does not pay the electricity bill within 5 months will go to those people or a team from the electricity company at their home and avail the 1-year avrege electricity bill.  The average bill will be higher than before, 15 to 20% will be charged from you.  Meaning that you do recharge like in your mobile.  Only after getting recharged can you talk.  Friends, that same type of prepaid meter will be installed at your house.

 news today if you are an Airtel user then you will get 1 month free recharge.  If you have Airtel SIM card, you will get freecharge.  Airtel companies have announced that whoever buys Airtel's new SIM card will be recharged free for 30 days.  And people who already have Airtel's SIM card.  So people upgrade it, they will also get 1 month free recharge.  In which you will be able to talk for free and run internet for 1 month.  Can it make any difference on reliance power share price and reliance capital share price or if it can cause any harm on it?  If you think yes there may be a difference on it and there may be some loss on it, then you must tell us in the comment box.

 world news today Very good news is for farmers, keep reading to know what is this good news.  Under the scheme, on January 30, the farmer will get ₹ 40000.  And in February-March, 400 crore will be added to the farmers' account.  So let us tell you that and in February-March, Rs 400 crore will be deposited in the account of these farmers, then tell you that with the Chief Minister Kisan Kalyan Yojana.  Shivraj Singh government of Madhya Pradesh is going to put 400 crores in farmers' account.  On the occasion of 26 January, Shivraj Singh has announced that on 30 January 1, 400 crore rupees will be added to the account of 30000 farmers under the scheme.  400 crore will be transferred in the month of February and March as well.  The CM of Madhya Pradesh has given this information on the Twitter handle.  And to avail the Chief Minister Kisan Kalyan Yojana, it is mandatory for you to register under PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana.  And two installments of ₹ 2000 will be delivered directly to the farmer's account under the Farmers Welfare Scheme by the Government of Madhya Pradesh.  Now, in Madhya Pradesh, financial assistance of Rs. 10,000 will be given to farmers, including ₹ 6000 under Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana and ₹ 4000 under Kisan Kalyan Yojana.

 Two leaders in a movement have stopped their movement, they say that we have come here to agitate and not to kill our men.  That is why two leaders sitting in the movement have taken up their camps and wow they are saying that they will not agitate.

 Regarding the same thing, the leader of the farmers' movement, Rajesh Jene, said that the bad thing had happened on 26 January.  BJP is behind it or some other leaders are behind it.  Because what was the police doing when the man climbed the Red Fort to wave the flag.  Why did they not see him climbing or why did he not stop.  Why he did not shoot at this action is a matter.  Seeing how he has been sitting silently.

You have to link your Facebook account with Aadhaar card, otherwise your Facebook account may be closed

good news today Alcohol will also be closed in all these states.

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